Term Paper on Happy Worker

The third issue of WORC contains articles written on variety of topics including employee satisfaction and performance. Does it just seem that way or really the happy worker is a productive worker. There seems to be a relation between these two positive organizational behaviors. Naturally if a worker has a positive attitude towards his or her job then there should be no doubt that he or she will be more productive. Though it seems very rational that a happy worker should be a productive worker, but some research does not agree with this assumption. In a research conducted by Iaffaldano and Muchinsky (1985) after intensive research it was concluded the productivity and worker satisfaction was an illusory correlation. It was a perceived relation between two variables that is only logical thinking and in fact it is not that way.

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It is a fact that knowledge, skills, abilities and experience are the main facts which determine an individual’s level of productivity. After all these there remain very little room for satisfaction or dissatisfaction which might effect the overall performance. Suppose there is a person who is very intelligent, is expert in his field and has the best knowledge about his job. Under this circumstance he should be a very happy worker. But unfortunately he is not a happy worker and is not satisfied with his job. Now there can be a number of reasons for his unhappiness.

We are interested in our employees’ needs and at the same time the needs of the company is also to be considered. If we discuss the career goals of our employees, we are also benefiting the company. There is no doubt that only a happy worker will produce more and will be a better productive part of the company. It is the company’s job to praise the good work of the worker and give him rewards from time to time. This way he will think of more work as he will understand that he might be rewarded for the good work which he would do.
Most of the professional journals related to behavior management are serving in an organization as a tool for improving productivity and at the same time working to improve the quality of working lives of the workers. The journal of Organizational Behavior Management is trying to improve employee performance and in this process brining out the principles out of the lab and bringing them into the workplace.

The research also suggests that initiatives to improve employee’s satisfaction will not have positive effect on productivity. It may have two very positive effects. First such initiatives may have an effect on the organization’s overall effectiveness, through the form of organizational citizenship behaviors. The second outcome may be that to improve employees satisfaction the initiative are positively responded.

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