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Thesis statement is the one statement that holds the premise of the argument you want to put forth in your essay. It is the backbone of your paper which provides a synopsis of the main idea, argument or analysis that you will be focusing on throughout your essay. Now it is best to make your paper as captivating as possible, and this is accomplished by a fascinating and engaging thesis statement.

You need to begin with answering the question why should your paper contain a thesis statement? Firstly, a thesis statement paper is written with the aim to condense your ideas or argumentations into one or two sentences. Secondly, it gives direction to your paper so that you don’t lose focus and maintain the track of your essay. Last but not the least, it acts as a guideline to the reader that helps them comprehend the argumentations or conceive the gist of your essay.

The first step in writing a thesis statement paper is that you need to select an interesting topic. This is especially important because the more the interest you have in the topic you select the better the thesis statement will be. Once you select a term paper topic, you should ask several questions and give several answers and chose the one that is most near to your purpose of the research paper. Thesis statement papers need to capture the reader’s attention and should be clear enough to persuade the reader to read more. You should check to see if the topic is of interest to your professor as well, so formulate the thesis statement which does not bore your professor and ensure that the thesis statement paper is gripping and articulately written.

Another important thing in writing thesis statement papers is the order or placement of your thesis statement. As a general rule it should be the first line of your introductory paragraph, but I think your introduction should be composed in a way that it leads towards the thesis statement as the final question to be answered in the rest of the research paper. Although I would suggest otherwise for beginning writers, and advice them to write their thesis statement as their first or at most second sentence.

A further very significant point in writing thesis statement papers is that you should pay close attention to the detail your thesis statement communicates. Meaning, it should not be too big that it becomes too vague. This way your paper will lose its purpose as the area of study is too broad. Whereas, too narrow a thesis statement can also be a problem as it entails only limited relevant research material.


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