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Term Paper on the Atomic Bomb - Atomic Bomb Term Paper


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A term paper on the atomic bomb is surely good for writing because it will give you opportunity to explore invention, scientific rule governing the logic of atomic bomb, its safety value in a nation’s life and others. Atomic bomb is a nuclear weapon, which has extraordinary explosive capability. It derives its destructive force through nuclear reactions, a fission reaction or fusion. Both of these reactions release huge quantities of energy from relatively small matter. A modern atomic bomb weighing little only a thousand kilograms can produce a huge explosion which is comparable to the detonation of over a billion kilogram.

A term paper on the atomic bomb will be interesting for the readers because people always want to know about this scientific invention. It was the first nuclear weapon to be developed and tested.

You should write in your term paper on the atomic bomb that how it was invented? In the late 1930s, physicists in United States and Europe realized that the fission of uranium which creates an explosive energy can be used to create a tremendously potent explosive weapon. So, they started working to formulate it.

In 1939, a German American physicist Albert Einstein wrote a letter to U.S. president and described this discovery. He also warned that potential development of this bomb is expected by other nations. Hence, for its own safety, the U.S. government established the top secret Manhattan Project to build up an atomic device in 1942.

A term paper on atomic bombs should also mention the historically bad events in the first atomic explosion on August 6, 1945; when the United States dropped the first atomic bomb on city of Hiroshima. It was followed with another atomic bomb on the city of Japanese which is Nagasaki on August 9.

Term paper on the atomic bomb is a controversial topic. It should discuss the strong and divergent opinions and feelings of the people as well as the point of view of the government too. This controversy among groups is due to difference in social or political believes.

When you are going to write a term paper you should try to polarize people, related to the good effects of the atomic bomb because it is essential for a nation’s security but its use at any cost is controversial.

If you will write these above mentioned points in your term paper on the atomic bomb, it will reward best, surely.


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