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Term Paper on the Brokeback Mountain - Brokeback Mountain Term Paper


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A term paper is a comprehensive piece of writing that tests a student’s ability to research, study, compile and analyze a course related topic. The marks of the term paper go a long way to add to the final grade of the student and this is why students take this task very seriously. Term papers can revolve around subjects, literature, artwork, personalities and even movies. Each has a different method of writing.

A different approach altogether must be taken when expanding a term paper on a movie; it deals with analysis, expression and interpretation. Needless to say, that for a term paper on Brokeback Mountain, you must watch the movie over and over again to gain a strong understanding of the plot and how it develops in the later stages. The movie tells the story of 2 men that fall in love with each other and how the deal and cope with society. The movie has won 3 Oscars which is quite a feat.

It will take a number of reruns to fully understand the movie. Remember, you are not watching the movie as a form of entertainment; it is because you have to write a term paper on Brokeback Mountain. Keep a writing pad handy so you can jot down the main points and details of the movie.

A term paper on Brokeback Mountain can mean a number of things, which is why you must develop a niche and stick to it throughout your paper. You can discuss the role of Heath Ledger, or you could write about Jack’s development, perhaps you could critique the conclusion or highlight the various flaws the movie had (if any). Usually, students write about theme of the movie, which is also widely accepted. Therefore you have a number of opportunities when expanding a term paper on Brokeback Mountain.

Once you have chosen your area, don’t just state claims or include theories. Remember to support your text with facts, illustrations of examples from the movie. For example, if you discussing the dialogue between Ennis and Jack, make sure you provide extracts from the script and critique it in light of your stance. Furthermore, if you feel the movie handled the theme of homosexuality tactfully provide evidence as to how this theme evolved and settled into the audience. Provide evidence from the movie in all your paragraphs to reinforce your points.

To conclude your term paper on Brokeback Mountain, you can present your opinion on the movie from the value derived point of view. Was it worth the price of the ticket?


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