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A term paper serves an important purpose during a student’s journey to higher education. It tests a student’s ability to research through a multitude of data, collect relevant information from reliable sources and analyze it in light of his or her stance.

An argumentative research paper or term paper is a piece of writing that attempts to prove a point by providing backing research material. It serves as a ground for you to prove that your assertion regarding a term paper argument topic is stronger than someone else’s. This piece of writing is read and examined with keen interest, especially if the term paper argumentative topic is recent, controversial and fiery.

One of the hardest tasks for students is coming up with a term paper argument topic. They either end up selecting one that’s too vast that eventually fails to create an impact or choose one that is boring or doesn’t possess enough substance. Therefore this article will list a number of attention-grabbing term paper argument topics.

1. Human cloning – cloning deals with creating genetically identical living organisms. Its applications in human life are to do with replicating humans, replacing human parts, giving birth to copies.

2. Animal testing – deals with the experimentation of research and tests on animals. These animals are usually put to sleep after the testing phase is over. Testing is done for medical, pharmaceutical, defense and scientific purposes.

3. Assisted suicide – helping another willing and eager person end their life is called assisted suicide. This is commonly seen and observed among the terminally ill.

4. Advertising – is a marketing tool used to convince and persuade people to buy products they may or may not need. Some say it is informative and helpful, while others believe it causes unnecessary spending and that it is unethical.

5. Abortion – an abortion takes place when an unborn child is terminated before delivery. It is perhaps the most controversial term paper argument topic of the century.

6. Capital punishment – is also known as the death penalty which is the most severe form of judicial punishment. It occurs after committing a severe crime, but does it warrant ending a life?

From the list above, pick a term paper argument topic that you feel strongly about or possess some prior knowledge. Furthermore since these topics are widely discussed, you’ll find information easily on the internet or in journals or articles. Thoroughly research your topic before writing it.

After you establish your stance with a thesis statement in the introduction, remember to present both sides of the argument and finally present an analysis and conclusion fortifying your opinion.


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