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 Music has a strange influence on our soul; it touches the soul in a number of unique ways that cannot really be explained. It has the potential to kindle every sort of emotion and response that the human mind and body is capable of generating. Some people like Rock, some Classical, some Death Metal, some Pop, and so on. I am yet to come across someone who does not listen to or appreciate some kind of music. There is music for every soul out there.

A music history term paper is likely to be assigned in your history class or your music theory class. Either way, the examiner must be a music enthusiast to have assigned such a comprehensive topic. A music history term paper tests a student’s understanding and knowledge of the field of music, more precisely, its evolution, history, background and transition to modern time.

To write a music history term paper you will need to go back some years, not decades but centuries. You will need to dig into the very depths of music and melody and explore its origins and beginnings. Commonly called historical musicology, it studies the diverse composition, preparation, output and genres of music over time. For a music history term paper you could pick a genre of music, such as Classical, Indian or Spanish and you could thoroughly disintegrate it and go into its past. You could cover all its aspects, such as its birth, the early instruments, the key musicians and how it evolved over the years.

Another interesting aspect of music history is the study of the pioneers of music. These musicians are responsible for creating and shaping genres, if it was not for them, a country’s particular style and taste of music would not have been mapped. Each genre has a personality known and associated with it. For example, Pop has Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, Metal has Metallica and Iron Maiden. You can write about their accomplishments and how they put the genre on the map.

Now to give your music history research term paper a real historical touch, you can trace past and historical music. Break it down into its chronological evolution; namely, medieval, renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic, 20th century and present. Each category can further be categorized by its composition, vocals and role of instruments. You can even differentiate between technologically synthesized music of the modern era and pure, unadulterated music produced solely by a musician of the past era.

Remember to analyze your research and findings to give them meaning and sense, otherwise your music history term paper will have no significance to the examiner.


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