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Term Paper on Admiral Yi Sun-Sin

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Admiral Yi Sun-sin stands out as the distinct furthermost hero in Korean history. He is best notorious for defeating the Japanese with his well-known turtle ships (kobukson) during the Imjin War (1592-1598). Amongst world class naval battles, Admiral Yi's uses and the Korean Navy's victories off the shore of Korea is classed through the Defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 by England and the Battle of Lepanto in 1571 off the Cyprus coast linking the Turks and the Spaniards.


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Admiral Yi Sun-sin was the obvious conqueror. At the beginning of the assault, the superior Japanese Army rapidly conquered the weak Korean confrontation and took Seoul in less than three weeks. They kept proceeding with China in their sights until they stopped at Pyongyang to re-supply. Here, the Japanese plans called for supplies to be shipped from Pusan to docks on the Yellow Sea. On the other hand, by this time Admiral Yi and the Korean Navy had increased prohibition operations against the Japanese ships and successfully barren the sea lanes around the southern tip of Korea. Admiral Yi even in his modern times emerged as a nationwide hero. He not simply put a check on Hideyoshi's plans; but, he began to wipe out the Japanese ships and put terror into their soldiers. His naval proceedings were the only bright spot during this part of the war.

Initially, the Japanese army landed at Busan in the spring of 1592, and initiates three pronged assault northward toward Seoul. King Seonjo and other high position officials fled Seoul and went to Uiju on the Yala River. Virtually the whole country defenseless at the time, they were compressed by the Japanese Armies. They were an armed force practiced in land warfare, blooded in lots of campaign of Japanese warring states of the era and used firearms. There was no cause to anticipate that Korea's scanty untrained battalions might hold out aligned with them. Naval leader of the Left Jeoolla Province, Yi Sun-sin began to make his occurrence felt in the fight back. Allotted to this post the year before, he eagerly felt the need to reinforce the country's naval forces and vigorously set about building warships and training the troops.

He built his prominent turtle-ship with a defensive covering contemplation to have been iron plated, the first ironclad warship in the world to ward off enemy arrows as well as ammunition and in addition with abundant spikes on punch to avert the opponent from boarding. He deliberately places cannons about the complete bounds of the ships, to be capable to attack from any side. His achievement gave complete control of the sea to the Korean Forces, which resulted in the Japanese moving north by sea which consecutively led to their land army's overwhelm. His maneuver imperiled Japanese supply routes hampering to initiate fresh attacks.

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All this occasion, Admiral Yi was still inventing. One of his discoveries was the smoke display. It drove terror into the hearts of Korea's irrational enemies, as well as giving Yi's fleet space to plan securely. He also invented a prehistoric flamethrower. This was not a flamethrower as we discern it today. To a certain extent, it had a thin shell, so that it would simply blow up upon collision. Inside was a combustible charge. The Japanese launched an ensuing movement to overcome Korea. Admiral Yi with the meager dozen warships lingering in his command betrothed a Japanese flotilla as it was sailing near the Yellow sea off Myeong-nyang and won a booming triumph. After Hideyoshi died, the Japanese rapidly took out their forces. As attacking the receding Japanese forces, Admiral Yi was killed by a chance enemy shot in the seas off Noryang point.

He trail the 500 hostile ships, those in the tenure was to be withdrawn, when he met a gunshot of the enemies. It was concerned to its last breath around the comfort of the native country and said: "the fight is in full track. Proclaim in no case that I died ". With this terminology it closed its eyes. The military did not know the reality that it had died and fought with all forces adjacent to the intimidating fleet. The antagonistic armed forces suffered a great loss. Later one said: "the died Admiral Yi Sun sin beaten the living antagonistic soldiers" Stephen Turnbull, Sterling Publishing Company, March 2002 His statue stands in front of Gwangwhamun Gate. Although his tomb was originally at Grumsansong, it was relocated to its present site 16 years after his death.

Yi Sun-shin kept a vigilant record of every day events in a diary, and it is from these entries, along with the reports he sent to the throne all through the war, that much concerning the man has been learned. This works have been available in English as Nanjung Ilgi: War Diary of Admiral Yi Sun-sin



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