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A 1 Page Term Paper on Describe one of your most significant achievements  or an event that greatly influenced you, and explain why it is important to you?

    It is difficult to pinpoint one "achievement," because there are many along the course of one’s life. To achieve success in anything you must enjoy what you do and it must be reflected to others without being spoken.

     Each of us has talent and we all have to figure out how to use it the best way suited for us. The success of one’s career is to unlocking that key to talent that a person posses.

     I think any person, regardless of his subject, has to have a passion for his/her work. I really have a passion for basketball and other extra curricular activities that are part of the school.

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     In my view Basketball contributes to learning that transcends all other skill development areas as no other sports can and it has influenced my life to a great extent.

     I think setting expectations is the most important thing a person can do. If you expect the best, then one will ultimately get the best out of him. And if you are consistent in terms of being fair with your work, then you become a role model not only as a sportsman but also as a person.

    Excellence is the standard toward which we continually reach, since sports is the universal of passion for mankind and for me being able to excel in it has proved to be one of the most satisfying and proudest moments of my life. This was my achievement and it will always have significance in my life.

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