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A 2 Pages Term Paper on Child Developmental Psychology


At birth child cries to inform hunger or discomfort. Crying decreases when the child is 3 months old. The child babbles regularly and recognizes own name and imitates sound between six to nine months. Now approaching the first birthday child understands the meaning of several things & mostly of what is said to him.

Visual perception
At birth child can identify dim and bright lights. Prefers strong contrast in colors like black and white, startles at loud noise and can recognize parents. When 1 month old, child can see object upto 15 inches away and upto 25 feet away when three-month-old. Vision is entirely developed in the sixth month. At the end of first year child develops the capability to lower and raise the pitch of voice.

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Physical development

During the first three months child can lift head and chest when lying.  During sixth month can roll over and sit with livelihood. By the end of ninth month first teeth begin to appear and turns head when no longer hungry. By the end of the first year the child uses finger and thumb to pick up an object and walks holding onto furniture or with adult help.

Cognitive development

At birth babies can mimic simple, particular facial expression. At the end of third month child stops sucking. Ignores any negative stimuli by going to sleep. Remember an object seen before and can differentiate between people & objects. Responds to voices by stopping everything to listen. Make eye contact with others, enjoys making human faces, and smiles when the parents are near and tries to get their attention. Between four to six months child can distinguish between actual facts and photographs. At the end of sixth month the child begins to visualize and relate objects. Problem solving inclination gets developed and memory and attention span continue to increase at the end of first year.

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Social development

At birth child generally smiles looking at human faces. Child giggles and laughs between three to six months. Likes to be around other kids and show emotions. In the seventh month child starts to imitate behavior. At the start of the ninth month child shows fear. In this phase the grasping power increases and the children looks for objects that are near to them. In the tenth month child begins to follow simple directions & also show some guilt for any wrongdoing. In the twelfth month child is able to understand repeated directions.


The whole world seems to brighten up when children laugh. Their joy or suffering gives the impression of a world smiling or in tears. Babies are born with some basic qualities and dissimilar temperaments. But they go through sensational changes on the way to adulthood. During the initial years of their lives infants develop a sense of trust with parents. Sense of security encourages infants to try new things. Parents should be consistent so to improve the learning of child in future.

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