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A 1 Page Term Paper on Personal statement

     In the last few years the business climate worldwide has significantly changed. Increased competition, globalization and technological innovation have transformed the way organizations conduct their business. Companies are now facing an increasing number of challenges along with immense growth opportunities available to them. In today’s business environment only those can survive who are smart enough to outclass their competitors. These are the primary factors that persuaded me to take business as the major area of concentration for my studies. I am interested in working in an environment where I can have an opportunity to cope with challenging situations and I think that with a business education background I can have any such opportunity.  In addition to this, the business education provides one with the full insight of the economic system of the country and one can more actively participate in the growth and development of the country.

     Moreover, I intend to initiate my own business in future, after getting some professional exposure from different business entities. I think that with a business background I will be more successfully able to develop strategies for the successful operation of my business and I will be having a deeper understanding about the ups and downs of business. Business education not only provides a proper understanding of the economic and other business aspects of a business entity but it also helps you develop an aptitude for solving strategic problems and designing effective business studies. Business studies are not only useful when you intend to pursue your own business but it is also high in demand in almost every organization. The biggest plus point in this regard is that a business graduate can easily acquire a reasonable position in almost every business organization, no matter to which industry it belongs.

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     The diverse program structure of the business studies was also a factor that aroused my interest in the field. By pursuing your studies in business you can get in-depth knowledge of Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Information Technology as well as General Management. It offers a wide variety of options to study as the major area of concentration. This means that you have a range of opportunities available for the persuasion of your career.

     The biggest motivating factor for me, in studying business, is that business studies provides you an opportunity to work in a highly dynamic environment where you are required to make decisions in stressful conditions. This enables you to develop effective management skills and an ability to deal with difficult situations. In addition to this, the level of exposure offered by the business studies is absent in other area of studies. From this I mean to say that business education covers a wider area of knowledge whereas other professional areas of studies are focused on specific domains. 

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