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A 1 Page Term Paper on Educational Goals and Interests

For years, the best and brightest young people nurtured their skills they needed to succeed. They learned on the job and got paid for it. Times are changing. People do what they love to do. After receiving a diploma certificate form the NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE, it has been my dream to pursue my higher studies in America. Reason? America is undoubtedly “land of immense opportunities”. What one earns in their country, can be easily doubled in the United States of America. All my life I have been astounds by the beauty of nature. Being a renowned designer has always been my passion. To be an interior designer or a decorator you ought to have strong aesthetic and artistic nature of mind, a creative imagination and a keen eye. More and more homes, offices, hotels are coming up today with demand for creativity. So, there is a need for interior designers and decorators who can make things look simple but beautiful.

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For that purpose I plan to attend Arizona State University. I will surely have the differential advantage over those without a degree. Understanding social, technical and aesthetic content of the built environment, the skill to make or modify it and the judgment to assess the value of changes are extremely necessary to become a good architect, and this university will cater my needs in the best way. To study with and learn from people with varied backgrounds will also help me in developing my personality.

Study in the arts develops person’s skills of observation as they learn to examine the objects and events of their lives. At the same time, they grow in their ability to describe, interpret, evaluate and respond to work in the visual arts. The field of arts is extremely rich. I have the perseverance and guts to succeed at any place either at school or at work.  In this global competitiveness and fast changing environment, I regard education in this area as relevant to my future life.

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