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A 1 Page Term Paper on The Importance of Math in the Career of Being A Pilot

      Being able to easily perform math calculations in your head is a skill that every pilot strives for. The whole airplane is a product of precise calculations. Flying this airplane also require quite a lot of calculations. Unless one is very good in mathematics it will be very difficult for him to become a pilot of ant kind. Although it is true that computers have taken up the tedious task to perform complex calculations yet a mathematical mind is necessary to be come a good pilot.

     Examples of some basic calculations are the calculation of the waypoints the distance plane has to fly and computations of fuel the plane must carry keeping into account the weight of the cargo the plane is carrying.  These are the critical calculations the pilot should be aware of.  The conditions in which airplane is likely to fly can also affect these calculations. These were the calculations, which were needed under absolutely normal conditions. What if any thing goes wrong, it is not unusual that there are electronic or hydraulic failures. The life of pilot, the passengers and people on the ground are at the mercy of the skills of the pilot. If he is good at calculations he is likely be able to make some salvage out of the likely disaster.

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      Mathematics is also very imperative to test pilots; since they help us understand why airplanes perform in the manner they perform.  For instance: in an airliner that is merely half full of passengers? If so, one may become aware of the fact that the passengers are not seated together at the front or the backside of the airplane. They are scattered out all over. That's not just because they don't like the smell of each other! It's because the airline people have to spread the weight of the passengers out so the plane is balanced, kind of like a teeter-totter. If too much weight is at the front or the back of the plane, the plane becomes a lot harder for the pilots to fly.  Some of the other important calculations are: temperature conversions; temperature lapse rate deviations; Crosswind components; fuel planning and fuel dumping; magnetic compass turns; Calculating enroute descents; calculating visual descent points etc.

est pilots do cautiously designed experiments in a new airplane to figure out what range of weights and stability will allow the airplane to be safely flown, so that the airlines will know the best way to load the plane.  To understand these experiments we describe them as tests we require to be aware of the science of flight very thoroughly, and like a lot of other sciences, this one entails plenty of mathematical equations which explain how things relate to one another.  Pilots gain knowledge of some of this in high school, and more of it in university, and even more of it during our special training as pilots.  But it is all based on the mathematics that we all had to learn in elementary and junior high school.  It is not difficult but In fact, these are very precise calculations when we use math to predict how a plane will fly under certain conditions, and then go out and test it and discover that we were right or wrong.

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