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Rats are granivores, which means they eat seeds and grains. Two key features to their digestive system are a lack of gall bladders and the presence of a large cecum. The gall bladder is used to store bile, which is used to help break down animal fats. Because rats are strictly herbivores, they do not get much animal fat and the gall bladder is not necessary. The cecum is used as a 'fermentation chamber'. In the cecum are bacteria that are able to digest the cellulose in the seeds. The food sits in the cecum and essentially rots. The rat is then able to absorb the byproducts of the bacteria's work.

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The liver is a bulky, brown limb. The middle lobe is most essential, and is separated by an extensive mark to the ventral midline. The liver manufacture bile to aid fat digestion. Every lobe is exhausted by tubes that eventually merge to shape a bile duct that carries bile to the small intestine.


The stomach is a rounded, bag-like structure. It is situated at the back the left side of the liver. The omentum is the major part of the stomach. The mesentery collects the fat deposits and is on the bend of the stomach.

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The esophagus connects the mouth to the stomach, allowing food to be eaten and elated to the stomach for the first steps of digestion.


Small intestine, it is a silky muscle. The cecum is a saclike swell at the ending of the large intestine, it contain bacteria, which breaks downward cellulose-from herbivores' food.


The lung of mouse consists of four lobes; the left has one, only.

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Arteries take blood away from the heart. Veins take blood to the heart. Ventricles are the main pumping chambers of the heart.


It performs the same function as in mankind. It filters wastes from the blood.

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