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A 1 page term paper on MEMORIES FROM THE PAST

     The memories from the past, seems like a title of some novel, but what they bring is far more than a title. Thinking of what I was when I was a student of my high school not only brings lots of memories but also makes me wonder how I have changed much.

     How great were those days, how pure was the heart, and how naive were the thoughts. I still remember how I used to make foolish jokes with my friends, how we used to make fun of people all around the town, how we never wanted to listen to anyone, though I still don’t listen to anyone but then I never cared about what anyone was saying. Then I was always dreaming of getting older and doing things all the way I wanted to do, planning of future, and life; pure at heart and swift at action. Always thinking to change the world, always feeling the pain of others, always trying to do more than my means but was always a contented and a happy soul at the end of the day.

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     Now when I am a prosperous man, with every necessity of life, friends, family and everything one can wish for but still that splendid past is the thing I miss the most.

     Now though I have grown-up but have become selfish and made my own pure heart and mind follow what suites my interests. Now when I see some odd thing, something clicks inside my mind that yes something is wrong but I rush out but then I used to investigate that if it is wrong why it is like that, we all become like this when we grow old but those who keep on following their hearts rather than interests. Not forgetting the passion to look the best, in my high school is now there but in a mild form not like the way it used to be and the only reason I can understand is that then my craze was about looks and personality but now I go for the inner person instead of just how one looks like, for the real person is inside one’s skin. The swiftness that was rather full of investigation and thrill is now changed to lethargy.

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     My favorite hobby then was to think of the future, the bright future with the best of life and family that is now replaced by the memories of the past. Then I always wanted to get older and I, now miss those days of no doubts and wish I could become the same old high school student once again. The reason behind such a drastic change in me, as I see, is that then, at my high school I had a pure heart but now my heart is rather corrupted by my own benefits.

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