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Leonard Covello

The turn of the century saw a rush of migrants from all over the world including Italy. These migrants came to see their dreams fulfilled. The families of Italians stayed close together and developed their own networks within New York and the rest of America. Their dreams were to make it to the top without sacrificing cultural values, their fears those of continued suffering and pain in the new land.

The turn of the century resulted in a massive surge in immigration in the USA. Leonard Covello and his family were one of the many thousands of Italian immigrants who fled hunger and poverty of Italy to seek greener pastures of the American soil.

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This family well represents the hardships that were faced by the bulk of the migrants. The description of fear, and apprehension that they faced, as has been listed by many authors such as Dale R. Steiner, is representative of that faced by many immigrant families.

Leonard Covello moved on to become one of the greatest teachers and one of the pioneers of the modern Italian courses taught in US universities. His success did not come to him easily. He put in effort, time and money to reach the heights that he did. His prodigies include the likes of Elba Gurzau a phenomenon in herself.

The article clearly highlights the state of mind and the emotional turmoil faced by Covello’s family. The description is illustrative without being exaggerated out of proportion.

At that point in time when the bulk of the families were looking for easier ways out of the crisis that they faced as new migrants Covello’s family concentrated on the more traditional ways of achieving success, namely through education and tireless effort.

The motive behind the article written by Dale R. Steiner is to highlight not just the circumstances that existed at the turn of the century and which forced people into choosing the way that they lived the rest of their lives but also how certain people chose to combat those circumstance and determined the path of their lives which might have been more or less inconceivable given those circumstances.

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Steiner’s article can be said to be both enlightening and motivating. The author has well proved his point. And in doing so he has brought into focus many hardships that were faced by the early 20th century immigrants.

People like Leonard Covello have established the fact that nothing can deter the success of those who try.

he success of immigrants is more difficult than those of the locals as the immigrants have several adjustment problems, however if the will to succeed is present then circumstantial deterrents can easily be overcome through determination, focus and hard work.

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