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Anne Frank, one of the most widely discussed and read names in the years of 1940s and 50s is not only the name of a girl. Rather it exposes the whole picture of the atrocities and repression perpetrated against a certain section of the society_the Jews_ in Germany under Hitler rule during World War II.

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Born in Germany in 1929, Anne was only four years old when her parents vexed by anti- Jewish edicts had to move to Netherlands. The German occupation of Netherlands made her parents go into hiding in the annex of the building that housed Otto’s (her father) business, where at the age of only 14 she wrote her famous diary during two years in hiding in the Secret Annex. Anne was among those arrested and deported in 1944 to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp where she died in March 1945 at the age of 16.

www.annefrank.nl introduces the Anne Frank House-the hiding place in Amsterdam where Anne wrote her memorable diary. The original of the diary is on display as part of the Anne Frank House's permanent exhibition. Millions of people visit the place, which is largely known as a museum. Established in 1957 and run on a non-profit as well as on non-political basis, the House is also active in disseminating educational services to school groups besides developing teaching material about Anne and World War II as tutorial data with a motive to make them fit for their struggle in a multicultural society.

The unusual website links offer a variety of relevant information about the activities of this memorial house.

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