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Christopher Columbus

      The debate over Columbus’ character and legacy has continued into the twenty-first century, revived in 1992 with the celebration of the quincentenary of his first voyage to the New World. Though the United States celebrates a national holiday in his honor (on the Monday closest to October 12, the date of the first landfall in 1492), much more attention has been paid in recent years to the Spanish explorers’ treatment of the Native American peoples, and the word “discovery” has been replaced by “encounter” when used to describe Columbus’ achievements in regard to the Americas.

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Columbus: Was he a Hero or a Villain?

     Like no other individual, Christopher Columbus has suffered the greatest amount of vilification and slander by the politically correct ideological terrorists. The politically correct crowd, aided by like-minded historians, has successfully ruined the reputation of this great explorer. It claims that Columbus is responsible for slavery, racism, genocide and the destruction of the environment, among other things.

     Columbus was a courageous man. American Indian activists decry Columbus for bringing disease to America and act as if that was his entire goal of setting sail from Europe. It is absurd to claim that he knowingly brought over these sicknesses and purposely infected people with it. Columbus is also slammed for owning slaves. What leader in 1492 did not own slaves? The founding fathers of America owned them as well. Columbus did not cause environmental destruction either. He paved the path for settlement of America. Columbus was not on a mission of destruction. Rather, he was on a quest for paradise.

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