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Why Women In The U.S. military are not allowed to combat?

Central Idea:

Women in America have achieved a degree of equality unimaginable just a few decades ago. They are lawyers, doctors, professors, and entrepreneurs, but in surprising numbers serve on police forces, fire departments and in political office. Women athletes compete in sports watched by millions of people on network television. There are even (gulp) professional women boxers. But when it comes to military combat, women have certain limitations that restrict them to effectively perform. They can contribute a lot by providing their intelligence but their lack of physical strength, as compared to men, will create hindrances in their job.

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The issue of women in combat has been very often scrutinized, legislated, argued, and debated. The idea of women in combat is not unusual anymore. It is often argued that woman should be able to hold combat positions because although physical strength matters, the military still needs the intelligence that women can bring. However, as far as the matter of taking part in combat operations is concerned, it is not only the intelligence that matters but the thing that matters the most is the physical strength. Women can be of quiet support in combat but in random conditions their lack of physical strength will reduce their ability to cope up with the situation. Women are though given an opportunity to serve in the armed forces but their role is restricted to some specific areas. In the Army, for example, women cannot serve in infantry, armor, cannon field artillery and short-range air defense artillery. Similarly, in the Navy women cannot participate in the operations of Submarine Warfare, Special Warfare (SEAL) and services relating specifically to submarine such as fire control technician, missile technician. Moreover, in the Marine Corps, women are not allowed in infantry, armor, field artillery, security force guard protecting nuclear material, and several positions related to armored, amphibious, assault units and fleet antiterrorism security teams. In Air Force the following positions are closed or restricted; Combat Control, Special Operations Forces, Rotary Aircraft, TAC Para rescue, and Weather assignments with infantry or Special Forces.


When it comes to letting women in Combat Units, different people have different opinions. It is true that some women can perform well in combat; however, if we are to extend this on a broader scale or even make case-by-case exceptions, we will find that this is always not the case. Firing your weapon, walking to a range with a backpack on your back, or even climbing out of an airplane are simple tasks. If performed independently, without any teamwork, almost every man or woman can easily do them. However, it is more crucial that whether you are able to do it every day for months or even for years. It means carrying extra Claymores, smoke and socks. It means that the sleeping bag and ground mat you see in training manuals are left behind. It means getting primordial while carrying a backpack that weighs up to 180 pounds.  It means doing something that is not easy to do and very few have done.  And most importantly doing all this while someone is shooting at you.

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It is quite easy to be a warrior for a weekend. It is even easier when there are separate standards for men and separate standards for women. We should be aware of the fact, however, that there are distinct Physical Training test standards for men and women. If a woman wants to go to combat, then let them volunteer. But in this case, they should be held accountable to a common standard. It should be made sure that the qualification requirements and the level of difficulty of the job should not be reduced by means of an indirect policy change or training plan. 

If we allow women to go to combat, then in times of war, all women must register for the draft. It is wrong to give a woman the right to select duty as a rear rank mechanic. She might be replacing a male who may have more expertise and experience working in that capacity. But he will be sent to the front line just because he is a male. Moreover, in order to let women work for the military forces the standards have to be reduced which is going to affect the overall performance in the long run. Even in this case, only to find that one of the Mission Essential tasks is to load a TOW missile that is heavy and cumbersome, disqualifying many women. In addition to this, we will have to ask the contractors to redesign the equipment, just to prove a political point and endangering soldiers in the line of duty.
It is much better to stop making schools easier from Airborne to Ranger by lowering the standards across the board, rather than to compromise on the high level of military standards. We can never fool Mother Nature, the horrors of battle, and the determination of an opponent. Combat, like other jobs, cannot be made an equal opportunity employer. Combat follows the notion that only the strong survive.  It is true that the unpredictability of the environment may take the lives of even the more physically fit but in general the less physically strong ones will degrade their decision-making skills, wear them down and kill themselves.

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Women and men are equal, very true, but “different”. We should realize and this fact is realized by most us. We should deal with the world as it is, not as we would like it to be. America is suffering from this very misunderstanding across the nation. Combat is not as same as working for a company, submitting financial reports showing tremendous revenue potential and incredible operations, sales and marketing effectiveness. Then failing miserably, shattering the lives of those they must send to the ranks of the unemployed.  Combat takes more than a paycheck. One should be realistic in the deciding as to whether we should allow women in combat or not? If it is decided that women should be allowed to work in these units, then the right standards must be followed and no compromises should be made.


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