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A 3 pages term paper on Legalize Gambling: pro/con football, baseball

The pros of gambling

     Whether or not to legalize gambling (Author Unknown, Legalize gambling) is a tough decision.  The pros and cons of the question are almost equal, and while some say it will boost economy others say it can destroy it. No one argues that gambling is a big, profitable business; they only question whether it is a business doing good, or the opposite. Arguments both ways are very compelling and both sides have many examples that demonstrates their point.  However, if I were in the position of deciding if gambling should become fully legal in my country I would side with gambling. Also, the shadowy background of gambling will slowly disappear as citizens realize that it is a legitimate business.

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Pros (Author Unknown, Pros of Gambling):

  • It creates added interests/involvement in sport.
  • Most gambling occurs on a non-profit basis.

            It is a healthy, risk taking activity.

            It is a significant source of revenue that can be taxed to provide other opportunities.

The cons of gambling

    We are especially concerned (Author Unknown, National Amateur and Professional Sports Protection Act) with the effect that betting on sports would have on the sports themselves. Instead of standing for healthy competition through teamwork and honest preparation, professional sports contests would come to represent the fast buck, the quick fix, and the desire to get something for nothing. Betting would undermine the integrity of team sports and public confidence in them. Sports lotteries inevitably foster a climate of suspicion about controversial plays and intensify cynicism with respect to player performances, coaching decisions, officiating calls, and game results. Fans could not help but wonder if a missed free throw, a dropped flyball, or a missed extra point was part of a player's scheme to fix the game. Sports would become the gamblers' game and not the fans' game, and athletes would become roulette chips.

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Cons (Author Unknown, Cons of Gambling):

  • The activity can become compulsive and addictive.
  • It offers false hope (low probability) to people.
  • It increases delinquent sport behavior (fixes, intentional injury, other forms of crime).
  • It is considered immoral by many individuals.


    If we are to legalize gambling, then the impact on football and baseball would be huge and we have to weigh its pros and cons in a somber and intelligent manner. I think that we are taking a big risk if we legalize it. Though the pros are quite tempting, that everyone will have an equal opportunity to bet and not just the licensed bookies. But licensed bookies are just limited to betting and they don’t make it a matter of life and death. So if we are to pass the legislation in Congress, then we must be brave enough to answer the question, “Will the others wont make a matter of life and death as well??”.

    Only by answering this question honestly we can see its pros and cons in the right perspective. Baseball and Football are the two of the most popular games in USA, millions watch it live on TV or in stadium. Some say betting will further deepen the passion and will give everyone the right to bet equally. Maybe that’s the case, but what’s the guarantee that this wouldn’t affect the morals of the Americans?

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    Let’s face it gambling is an addiction and by legalizing it, we are ourselves allowing the morals to take a plunge. Betting, Gambling and Wagering can make a severe dent on the integrity of our beloved games. Sports are for the healthy business of entertainment, records, achievements and excitement. Gambling is a plague that takes away the frenzy and the passion for the game that Americans have and we should strive to keep it that way. One fears and thinks about the allegiance of players and people to the states taking participation in these sports and feels then it would just be a matter of money earned or lost. The euphoria of the games would as such diminish and gambling will play a pivotal role in undermining the interest and integrity of the games. If we as Americans can sincerely think gambling from a more positive and encouraging angle, then I am for the passing of the legislation too. Everybody wants to earn free bucks, my point is to look at the things with a more appreciable and judicious perspective.

     On the other hand though one unnerving matter is that if some are allowed to book and bet, then everyone should have the right to bet and possess the same rights. Proper legislation is the need of the time and without its foundation and implementation things will keep on muddling and no one would be happy and pacified. The Congress needs to adhere to this matter, so that the issue is ceased to exist once for all times to come. All Americans are equal and they should be treated the same way as well. One can not be extra judicious to other just because he has license and so ultimately has the rights to bet, this is unfair. Also, the fact that in some states it is legal and in some it is not. This shows that things are definitely wrong and incorrigible. The Congressmen need to come with a resolute answer to this whole fiasco, otherwise people will feel negligence and inferior to other states.

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    Maybe we can solve this limbo through sustainable means of gambling. Gambling which is under check and constraints and fair for all, so that nobody crosses his/her limits, no state enjoys more rights than the others and doesn’t prove to be a moral downer as well. Let’s hope and see what they come up with.

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