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The core of human nature is fundamental and rigid. Human nature tends towards disorder. Institutions in Society exist to avert this tendency towards disorder. Societal institutions are there to work with human nature to maintain order. The recognition that the failure to build up a human nature conducive to a self-sustaining, orderly society is an extrinsic rather than an intrinsic failure.

Human Nature

“Leadership can be learned, but the road to becoming a true leader is based on character, sacrifice, and disciplined effort over a lifetime.” John Maxwell says in his book “The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership”. John Maxwell is prolific and an ordained minister who is a professional speaker and author of two dozen books too. He is expert on leadership. He is leader of leaders, and developer of leaders as well. He begins by stating, "

Irrefutable Laws

Absolutes not being known we live in a world where every thing is relative, including concepts.  The concept of civil liberties is, therefore, not an absolute but a relative concept, which has to be judged and balanced in the relative conditions of environment which is itself a complex amalgam of manifold factors like politics, economics, psycho-social considerations, and above all, the basic need for survival.

Civil Liberties

The Schools 0f Nursing and many such like institutes declare their commitment to the highest standards of lifelong learning and excellence in the helping tradition. They all are committed to prepare men and women for compassionate practice as competent professionals through scholarship, leadership in service to the community, the nursing profession, and personal growth. With the present disciplines and credits, the curriculum is designed in such a fashion that they encourage close student-teacher relationships in preparing nurses who exemplify the highest ethical standards, integrity, and passion for justice in health care.

Nursing Degrees

It is said that God knew that he could not be everywhere – so he created mothers.  In almost every society, developed or primitive, and amongst all species of animals, mothers are meant for protecting and guarding their off springs and taking care of them till they can do so themselves.....

Over Protective Mothering and How it Affects Child Development / Attachment

For better or worse, the sermon for which Edwards is probably most famous—or infamous—is the one preached to the congregation of Enfield, Massachusetts (later Connecticut) in July 1741. Anthologized in high school and college textbooks, Sinners represents in many persons’ minds the bleak, cruel, and hell-bent outlook of Edwards and his Puritan predecessors..........

Fitness Tests

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