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Latin America has an impressive history of culturally rich and advanced societies. However, the region has suffered from continuous instability due to the interventions of other nations in the region. The country has a rich archeological treasure, architectural wealth and a significantly diverse population. The history of Latin America is filled with tales of conquerors, foreign settlers and migrations.

Latin America Civilization

The American Revolution was the result of the cruel treatment from the British regime. The rebellion started from the year 1763, when the American general public finally realized that an illogical ruler, whether it is Parliament or the King, was violating their inherent citizenry rights. This realization made the justification for the revolt against the British. A number of events that occurred during the period of 1763 to 1776 made them more determined to rebel against the British regime.

The American Revolution

The Federative Republic of Brazil is the largest country in Latin America. With respect to the geographical size it is larger than the United States of America. About half of the South American region is acquired by Brazil......


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