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ILevathes, the ex- staff writer for National Geographic, tells the account of Chinese ruler Zhu Di and his preferred eunuch admiral, Zheng, who tried during 30-years of epoch to rupture China's isolation with seven major naval expeditions to India, Indonesia, and Africa.

Louise Levathes

The Dome of the Rock, or Qubbat as-Sakhra (was built over at the rock known as Sakhra) as it is called in Arabic, is most certainly one of the most important and distinctive monument in the Islamic history. It is considered to be the first Muslim masterpiece in the field of architecture. It shows in great detail the brilliance and the distinction of the Islamic architecture. The dome of the rock is located in one of the holiest cities to the Muslims-Jerusalem.

The Dome of the Rock

It was May 4th, 1919 that Chinese students first revolted to urge the Chinese provisional government not to sign the humiliating "Twenty-One Demands" by the Japanese. The foundation for a strong future movement by students in China was laid. In celebrating the 70th anniversary of the success of Chinese scholars in reforming the government, some scholars and students in the Beijing University and other institutions demanded the People's Republic of China to allow more democracy in its political and social structure.

Tiananmen Massacre

Principle arguments given by Senator Albert Beveridge for annexation of Philippine in his essay of 1898 included; Asians were not capable of self-government being not of a self-governing race. They had no practical experience of running a government.........

General Report by Albert Beveridge on Annexation of Philippines

People's Republic of China is one of the most primitive urban civilizations.  The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) founded it in 1949. The CCP chairman, Mao Zedong, then led the country for nearly three decades..............

Administrative Reform in Post-Mao China

The ancient custom of foot binding was practiced in China from about the 10th century and ended in 1911 after approximately 1000 years...............

Ancient Custom of Foot Binding

A white marble tomb built in 1631-48 in Agra, seat of the Mughal Empire, by Shah Jahan for his wife, Arjuman Banu Begum, the monument sums up many of the formal themes that have played through Islamic architecture................

Shah Jahan and building the Taj Mahal

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