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Running Head: The Nursing Leadership Role


The Nursing Leadership Role

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The Nursing Leadership Role

     As an individual reaches the stage where they come to a decision about what they want to be in life, they must look deep inside themselves.  They have to reflect on what is important to them and what makes them happy. In addition, one must take into consideration the resources that are available to help the person reach their goal.  In this paper, I intend to share reflections on why someone chose to become a nurse as well as and why they decided to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.  I will compare my initial perceptions on the different roles of the nurse to what I see in current practice and develop specific objectives and plans to achieve goals I someone have set to achieve after one and five years.

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     Nursing fulfills all of the criteria people looking for in their personal definition of the perfect job.  They chose nursing because it is a helping profession.  Personality tests that have identified them as an accommodator support their decision to take on nursing as an occupation.  People wanted to work in a field that is challenging and in demand.  Nurses are especially valuable in these times because there is such a great nursing shortage around the world. A nurse will be able to supplement her husband’s income and help support her family. Another major factor that influenced someone choice to become a nurse is that after receiving their bachelors degree, there is always the opportunity for advancing towards becoming a nurse practitioner or even a doctor. 

     The BSN program prepares the nurse not only to be able to provide the necessary technical skills, but develops the nurse’s critical thinking abilities.  This is necessary especially in these times as nurses begin to take on roles as patient care managers. Barter and McFarland (2001) state that Today's professional nurse is expected to coordinate and facilitate the interdisciplinary team through the use of appropriate and timely resource allocation and management… the scientific knowledge explosion, combined with sophisticated technology, requires nurses to have broad preparation, including genetics, biotechnology, informatics, and skills in chronic care management. A 4-year nursing degree provides the minimum foundation for this future.

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     When someone decided that she wanted to become a nurse, she already must know that nursing is all about caring.  She perceived care giving as meeting the physical needs of patients and being compassionate and comforting to meet their emotional needs as well.  Her initial idea of the nurse as caregiver is very much in line with what she has learned throughout her years in nursing school and what she finds in the nursing literature. 

     A nurse goal from one year to end is to be able to look past the technical skills required by patients and be an expert at identifying and addressing patients who are in distress. She needs to plan on obtaining this goal by practicing her assessment skills using Betty Neuman’s theory.  Nurse plan on developing her therapeutic communication skills and learning about other cultures so that she can develop better rapport with her clients.  As a five-year goal, she can like to be certified in end of life care, also known as palliative care. Because taking care of people who are dying and their families identifies the true essence of nursing.

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     Nurse’s role as a leader formed during their sophomore year in college.  A nurse must be a leader by virtue of the fact that he/she has so many responsibilities. At the Fundamental level, the nurse as a leader in a simplistic sense. A nurse must demonstrate Universal precautions to prevent the spread of infection.  A nurse must lead the health care team during assessment of an individual as that is the database the healthcare team will be using.  The leadership role is much more complex than being responsible for their actions.  According to Allen (1998), the “effective nurse leader must be able to navigate successfully in the current turbulent health care environment”.  Professional nurses are tasked with more responsibilities than he/she initially thought.  As I observed their preceptor that charge nurse during their Independent Practicum, they asked themselves why anyone would ever want to take on that job.  Their preceptor demonstrated their use of interpersonal relationship skills, communication skills, critical thinking, and organization skills.  Allen (1998) states that the “unique attributes of the healthcare industry make the work of nursing leadership challenging and complex, requiring diverse expertise and knowledge, superb critical thinking skills and exceptional interpersonal capabilities”

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n conclusion, four years of nursing school have helped them to develop more accurate concepts of the nurse as caregiver, leader, change agent, client advocate, political activist and research consumer.


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