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Human Resources / Compensation

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Human Resources

     The Human Resource department of an organization has multiple responsibilities. It is responsible for employee selection, development, evaluation, compensation and employee relations. The role of Human Resource management is being increasingly affected and reshaped by the growing diversity of the workforce, global and domestic compensation, and complex legal and ethical issues. In short, the Human Resource department of an organization is faced with balancing its responsibilities towards the organization it serves as well as the society in which it operates.

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     The best practices in the management of human resources are the ones which optimize a workforce so that it can not only get more done, but also ensure a greater level of efficiency, timeliness and quality as it accomplishes increases productivity overall (Joseph J. Martocchio 2001). The important areas in which the best human resources practices must be applied include the creation of viable and attractive benefits and compensation packages, managing the performance of employees, making sure that business practices and worker conditions stay well within the law, creating a positive, enjoyable work environment, talent recruitment and mapping out the best human resources strategy for the future. (Susan Peterson 1999)

Deputy Director of Human Resources

     In Human Resources Deputy Director is a person who performs work of considerable difficulty planning, organizing and directing major functional areas of the Human Resources Department. He works in accordance with County-wide personnel policies and procedures established by the County ordinances and in accordance with County, State and Federal Regulations established by law in the overall operation of a County. (Martocchio 2006)

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Purpose of the Position

     To provide principal assistance to the Director of Human Resources in the planning, organizing, directing, supervising, managing and evaluating the City’s Human Resources programs, functions and activities. Responsible for programs and activities associated with recruitment, classification, compensation and benefits, equal employment opportunity (EEO) and Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) issues, discipline, grievances, appeals, personnel rules and related human resources programs and activities. To represent the Director of Human Resources and the Department to the City Commission, the City Manager, other governmental entities, and/or the general public, as appropriate. (Joseph J. Martocchio 2001)

Duties and Responsibilities

     In Human Resources Deputy Director have the following duties and responsibilities. (Martocchio 2006)

  • Manages and participates in the development, implementation and coordination of major functions of the City's human resources management program which may include: employee medical services, personnel transactions, position classification, employment and testing, employee development, executive and outreach recruitment, employee benefits, retirement programs, and related administrative functions.
  • Plans, organizes, directs and provides policy guidance and review on day-to-day work and special projects in designated human resources areas.
  • Prepares responses and directs necessary actions to resolve matters identified by City departments and the City Manager's Office or referred to City Administration from City Council, Civil Service Commission, employee organizations, community groups or individuals.
  • Directs and participates in the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the departmental budget.
  • Provides direction and staff support for the Civil Service Commission and the City's retirement boards; directs the management of retirement programs and retirement program funds.
  • Represents the Department as directed, and assumes responsibility for its functions and operation in the absence of the Director.
  • Represents the City and its administration in legal proceedings and other conflict situations involving individuals, groups and employee organizations.
  • Directs the development and maintenance of the City's Personnel
  • Deputy Director is responsible for formulation, implementation and direction of programs in major functional areas of the Human Resources Department, reports to and is deputized to act on behalf of the Director of Human Resources who is responsible for the administration of the Civil Service personnel management program for the City under the provisions of the City Charter and the San Jose Municipal Code.
  • Assist in the overall management of the Bureau, including the liaison with Permanent Delegations, and Governing Bodies of the Secretariat.
  • Manage the activities of four operational sections: the Recruitment and Classification Section, the Services Section, the Pension and Insurance Section and the Medical Section, and ensure that the services provided are carried out efficiently and effectively.

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Educational Requirements

     Deputy Director should have the

  • Knowledge of the principles, practices and procedures of human resources administration.
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of public administration, organization and management.
  • Knowledge of the techniques of recruitment and selection pf personnel.
  • Knowledge of the methods of establishing and maintaining comprehensive classification and compensation plans.
  • Knowledge of the principles and practices of affirmative action and of applicable statutes and case law.
  • Knowledge of the principles and methods of research and statistics.
  • Ability to plan, organizes, direct and evaluate the work of subordinate professional, technical, and clerical support staff etc.

Training and Experience

   Any combination of training and experience equivalent to a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university in human resources, public or business administration, industrial relations, or related field and six (6) years of increasingly responsible experience in human resources administration or technical personnel work in a public or private agency including three (3) years of experience supervising other professional managers. (Joe Martocchio 2003)


     Current compensation for Deputy Director Positions has been compressed to the point that there is little distinction in pay among top leadership positions and between top leadership positions and other scientific/medical positions. Current pay limits constrict Director Ability to be competitive given the compensation that potential recruits and current incumbents can command in the market. The salary Grade of the Deputy Director is 27. Deputy Director gets all the benefits of Grade 27 officer. The Country offers three Medical Plans in benefits. The Country contributes up to the full family premium for a specifically identified HMO Plan. The County contribution is prorated based on the number of work hours up to 50% of the standard hours in a pay period (Susan Peterson 1999). Employees pay any additional premium costs if they chose an alternate HMO or PPO Plan. If an eligible employee waives all medical coverage through the County a monthly stipend may be provided.

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     Initial compensation set within current authority granted to Director,

  1. Base Pay $250,000
  2. Total Compensation NTE $275,000
  3. Director will seek Secretarial approval to extend compensation limits above those currently authorized
  4. Position Pay provides a means to recognize duties and responsibilities of the position
  5. Incumbent Pay provides a means to recognize market elements and compensate for the special qualifications required for the job
  6. Allows for performance bonuses
  7. Allows for periodic reassessment and adjustment of Base Pay
  8. Recruitment and Retention incentives may be granted under very limited circumstances.

     A cash bonus may be granted annually at the discretion of the Director, based on performance as measured by contributions and accomplishments, leadership and vision, and achievement of goals that support the President’s Management Agenda.

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