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A 6 pages term paper on HUMAN RESOURCES

…………The supervisor encountering an employee from the "Workforce 2000" is likely to run up against the paradox of diversity. A study of the new work and family roles are compared with the traditional roles of management toward employees. An emphasis on the importance and acceptance of diversity in the workplace needs to be incorporated in the training of supervisors. (Preparing Supervisors for the Future Work Force: The Dual-income Couple and the Work-family Dichotomy, 1994)

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     Human Resource is the branch or department of any organization, which is involved in recruiting and maintaining the records, history, and different aspects regarding the employees of that organization. The advertising of jobs, taking their test, then calling the right persons for the interviews and then selecting the bets ones from them, all comes under the category of Human resources. 

     The people that staff and operate an organization, as contrasted with the financial and material resources of an organization, the organizational function that deals with the people. It relegates humans to the same category as financial and material resources; human resources will be replaced by more customer-friendly terms.

     Either you talk about the technology, organizational development, training or any other aspects, the main reason is to make the managers and other co-ordinates enable to do their work by themselves. The future role of HR professionals is in coaching, enabling, and sharing information, which permits people to deal with people issues where people work.

     Of course, there is a large diversity among the people who are responsible for this job, and there diversities can cause the conflicts and as well as the variety among the type and the efficiency of performances. 

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…………As a result of diversity among workers, conflict between the employee's need to express ethnic identity and the unwritten rules of an organization's culture are becoming increasingly common. Guidelines are given in order to help managers deal with problems associated with corporate versus ethnic culture. Certain assumptions about diversity, including: part of what makes individuals unique is how their values, attitudes and perceptions are shaped by their social, ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds or identity groups. (Corporate Culture Vs. Ethnic Culture, 1995)

Team Building

     By team building, we mean that the collaboration of team members. We believe that in a team environment, the workers believe and understand and sometimes compromise the actions, decisions, steps, thinking, planning and the making of perspective objectives to reach their goals with more cooperation and good will.

     It’s hard to find work places that exemplify teamwork. In America, institutions such as schools, our family structures, and our pastimes emphasize winning, being the best, and coming out on top. Workers are rarely raised in environments that emphasize true collaboration. Organizations are working on valuing diverse people, ideas, backgrounds, and experiences.

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Some Steps in Creating a Team Culture

     The executives of the organization can clearly make the announcements to work together as a team to the employees and make them clear the fact that no one owns the place. People who work for the positions like officers have to open their minds and their work for the input of ideas from the others in the respective fields.

  1. The organization members talk about and identify the value of a teamwork culture.
  2. The high authorities should model their work to show the other subordinates to work as a team with interaction with each other and the rest of the organization. They have to maintain the work even when the teamwork is collapsing and the things are going wrong.
  1. Teamwork is rewarded and recognized. The lone ranger, even if she is an excellent producer, is valued less than the person who achieves results with others. Compensation, bonuses, and rewards depend on collaborative practices as much as individual contribution and achievement.
  2. The performance management system places emphasis and value on teamwork. Often 360-degree feedback is integrated within the system; this feedback from colleagues, direct reports and the boss can have a powerful impact on work behaviors.

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Good environment

     It is very healthy for an organization if the co-workers exchange gifts and other items between them.
…It’s an age-old dilemma and it comes up several times each year. What do you do for that special boss or co-worker on their birthday, their company anniversary, their engagement, the birth of their child, or to celebrate the holiday season. Gift-giving occasions are endless – and endlessly challenging.

…No matter how close you are to your co-worker, chances are you are familiar with some items, hobbies, or food choices that bring her pleasure. A ready-made gift basket filled with selections of her favorite things makes a popular and appreciated gift. Baskets I have seen include an assortment of teas, biscuits, and a tea pot for the tea lover and a selection of coffee, jams, and scones for the coffee lover. Ready-made baskets for people who enjoy a particular food such as chocolate or popcorn are also available. Baskets of foods or fruits and other items that celebrate a particular heritage such as Italian or Greek or a particular region such as California or Michigan make popular choices, too.( How to Gift the Boss or a Special Co-worker)

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Hispanic Relations in the Work Place

     Hispanic employees are known to be an asset to any organization. No organization want to lose their Hispanic employees as their work proficiency is very great. Also, they are very good in teamwork and to collaborate and interact with others. Also, there are certain institutes, which provide their students and the employees the knowledge as to how to work with other. For this purpose, we will consider here about a workshop for Hispanic.

     In this workshop, it is designed in a manner to give the human resources professionals’ idea which has no background in the Spanish language. The course will be very helpful for the one to prepare him to work with Hispanic workers. Contents will include terminology related to employee motivation, benefit programs, job performance, scheduling, and work instructions.  Elements related to cultural diversity will also be explored throughout the workshop.

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After the completion of this course, one will be able to handle the following things:

  1. He can easily greet the Spanish-speaking employees and make them home.
  2. He can understand the Spanish sound system and the relative terms and words used to describe some sentences.
  3. He can demonstrate a basic knowledge of grammar also.
  4. He will be able to work with and understand the social security numbers and telephone numbers.
  5. Able to understand the difficult Latin American words and sentences and phrases.
  6. Learn the names of common benefits programs in Spanish.
  7. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of cultural diversity as it relates to Hispanic employees.

     And some of the other things and this will surely make him able to make his position better in front of his team workers and his boss in Hispanic then he will be really glad.

Harmonious Employee Relations Environment

     Many of the companies want to establish a harmonious relationship in their company. It means the pleasant sounding environment among their workers. And for this purpose of course, there must be a fee status relationship between the workers and the executives.  And if a company has a large number of employees who are Hispanic and speak Spanish and the company has a department of human resources, which work only in English in very difficult. This is a very common situation and below we will describe the situation in an organization;

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…On those occasions when an Anglo manager finds it necessary to have a disciplinary conversation, or discuss a performance issue with a Spanish-speaking employee, all of the Hispanic employees will be watching to see how one of their own is treated. If the treatment is perceived to be biased, (as it often is when management is unable to conduct the discussion in Spanish), the company is creating fertile ground for potential employee relations problems that can easily escalate and get out of hand.

Over the years in that company, conflict and animosity developed to such degree that there was a palpable polarity between the Hispanics and the Anglos. On those infrequent occasions when members of one group ventured into the territory of the other, member of the other group met them with hostility, suspicion and distrust.

     In that situation, new management wanted to restore an effective relationship between the Hispanics on the manufacturing floor and the Anglos in the office.  Resolution of that cancerous situation required advocacy on behalf of the Hispanic employees with the Anglo administration, and on behalf of the Anglo administration with the Hispanic employees. This was an extreme situation that took years to create.  However, once we began to face the issues openly in a structured manner, both sides made rapid and significant progress toward understanding, acknowledging, addressing and resolving their differences. (Hispanics Keep Company Financially Afloat, Employee / Company Advocacy in Spanish and English) 

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Affinity Groups

     All over in world, the Human Resources department and other corporate departments work together to develop alliances with internal affinity groups. Also, in addition, the particular departments also invite them to perform and solve the special projects. For instance, a Hispanic affinity group might be of these capabilities:

  1. They can join human resources recruiters in the company fairs and open houses and other orientations.
  2. They can work with human resources recruiters to produce the most beneficial and helpful jobs and employment to Hispanic employees and to create culturally sensitive recruiting materials.
  3. It can provide the sponsorships for the development of tools for the Hispanic employees to maintain their career future within the organization.
  4. Organize research projects, questionnaires or focus groups to identify Hispanic consumer and employee needs.
  5. Identify minority vendors.

     In addition to all these capabilities, it still perform several functions and provide several services like to create creative partnership between the departments of company and Hispanic affinity groups to help them reach the potential consumers and employees. Working with these groups also may give management special opportunities to identify talent for career advancement.

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Need of Hispanics to Increase Productivity

…Don Burrows, president, has developed a new focus for Acorn designed to help companies improve productivity, reduce turnover and conflict while increasing loyalty and work ethic of their Hispanic employees. He offers companies 13 bilingual Human Resources services, including conflict resolution, new-hire training programs and diversity coaching. (Firm Helps Companies Hiring Hispanics)

     It has been observed that for many of the companies, Hispanic have proved to be very beneficial and fruitful. And the strong financial position of their company is also due to the work performance of Hispanics. If the management of companies trusts on these Hispanic employees, then there will be better results. According to Ricardo Pérez, president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of North Carolina,

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...As the economy tightens up, companies cannot afford to underutilize any of their human resources, and we've seen repeated proof of how valuable Hispanic employees are to so many companies. Don's intent is to help companies improve profitability by building the skill levels, and the loyalty, of their Hispanic employees. He's fluent in Spanish, knows how to link Human Resources to the bottom line and knows how to work with Latinos. For both companies and Hispanics, this is a win/win idea whose time has come.
Burrows closed by commenting that "Hispanic employees have more to offer employers besides their strong right arms and their powerful work ethic. The employers that survive today because of their Latino workforce will thrive tomorrow when they've succeeded in improving Latino job skills and earning their loyalty."(Bilingual Consultant Develops Hispanic Focus to Increase Productivity and Employee Loyalty)

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How to Gift the Boss or a Special Co-worker


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