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From the Desk of:
[Full Name of sender]
V.P. Research & Training

McDuff, Inc.

August 25, 2008
[Full Name of Recipient]
V.P. Human Resources
McDuff, Inc.

Subject: Recommendations about recent hires.

Dear [Last name of Recipient]:

Our staff at McDuff, Inc. is one of the finest and we are proud of it. That has only been possible because of the careful screening and selection criteria that have been enforced by your department over the past years.

I recently conducted informal interviews for an upcoming training session of our employees. To my surprise, some of the newly hired people did not come up to the expectations regarding their technical expertise and I felt that their skills do not match the positions allotted to them in the company. You must be aware of this and I am sure that you had envisioned some solution for this situation. I personally recommend that those people be put on probationary bases for a period of 3-4 weeks while they go through their training and get accustomed to the expectations of our company as well as polish their technical skills wherever lacking.

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Furthermore, I would like to suggest that they be put through a somewhat more rigorous initial screening so as the more suitable candidates get a chance to prove their worth and it becomes easier for the company to directly implement their skills in any branch-office that requires it at any point in time.

The recruitment process is one of the most difficult processes and especially in times like these when more and more prospective employees are rushing in with a wide array of qualifications tagged along. I have been involved with the training of some of the best employees over my deployment as V.P. Research & Training and I am sure you can say the same. Our training workshops are quite capable of polishing those employees which have the technical skills required but do not know how to utilize them in their jobs or to maximize their potential in our company’s work environment. Still, some constraints make it very difficult for us to train those hires which lack in some fundamental sphere and as those employees, after training, interact directly with the clients, it is often difficult to pin-point at a later stage where the deficiency is occurring.

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Kindly review this situation, of an importunate nature, carefully. I am aware that matters concerning employments of recently hired people are very sensitive and require redefining some of the criteria and selection processes long practiced by us but I believe that to be in the best interest of the company and our customers.

[Full Name of Sender]
V.P. Research & Training
McDuff, Inc.


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