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The Supervisor,
Mcduff Corporate Office
November 5, 2001
Dear Sir,

Subject: Request to grant the permission of new employees’ hiring

I take this opportunity to discuss with you a very important matter, which relates to the human resource capital of our office. The issue relates to the high turn over experienced in recent times. The matter needs your immediate intervention as it is adversely affecting the overall performance of our organization.

With due respect, I, as the branch manager of Mcduff Incorporation here in Nairobi, wish to request you to grant permission on the subject of hiring of the new employees.

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In the past few years, all the hiring of the new employees are done by the Human resource department as it is done in our corporation as well as many other corporations. The last time the employees that have been hired by the Human resource department were having problems in traveling to and fro from the office as the weather conditions here are very unpromising. The employees selected by H.R department had no doubt the best qualities and they provided with their best efforts to make their jobs successful. But as they were not local and were selected from the different other cities, they had problems in the living section. The local weather here is very rough and the city has been the victim of several sand and dust storms and a thunderstorm in the past few months. Due to this catastrophe, many of the employees at important positions have quit their jobs and left the city. And some are still willing to get transfers. This unavailability of employees during the working times has caused a lot of delay in the accomplishment of the projects in the past and also in the present situation. As you are fully aware of the important duties in the International Operations department as it also effects not only the other branches but also the other departments of the office.

For this reason, I have discussed this issue with my peers here and there is a consensus that the hiring of the employees should be done by the local office here considering the climatic situations and other difficulties that usually occur to the workers. Our branch will be very pleased if you kindly grant us the permission of looking over the matter by considering the facts as we are in need of more employees right now. We request you to kindly inform us with your decision as soon as possible.

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This would be very beneficial for us and also for the other departments as there will be no longer delays and complications in completing the projects and targeted goals and also meeting the customer demands in a timely fashion.

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated and we are waiting for a positive response. 

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,
International Operations
Mcduff Corporate Office

Nairobi branch, Kenya

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