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McDuff Inc.


To:      All Employees
From: The desk of the CEO
Date:  8/25/2008
Re:      Yearly profits and a challenge for us.

I am proud of each and every individual working at McDuff Inc. Not only does each of you symbolize the dedication and strength associated with our name, but also it is not less then an honor for a CEO to work with such motivated people. Together we have faced all the challenges that came our way and in the end rejoice our successes, year after year.

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As you all know, it is the time of the year that our profits are forecasted and yearly turnaround is estimated for the calculation of bonuses for each one of you for the hard work you have put in. The whole economy of our great country has been subjected to its share of crises and we, at McDuff, were no exception. For the year 2001-2002, the profits did not rise up to the expectations we all had and it only makes us wonder ‘what could we have done better’? The answer may not be simple, maybe a combination of global conditions and our customer reactions to them or the competition in the market is demanding more from us then we are already doing.

This year when you receive your cheques for bonus, the amount will not be as large as it has been, but that should not be a de-motivator for us but quite the opposite. Your work has been appreciated through and through by the company and this should not come to you as a surprise but rather a request for cooperation in the less profitable times of McDuff.

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I am very pleased with the fact that all the vice presidents of our company have shown their deepest concern about all their respective subordinates and they have agreed to extend their full cooperation to you if this matter causes any disturbance in your future plans. All our financial data that was used in the forecast of profits has also been made available on request so all of you can personally look into the matter and give any suggestions on how to improve our future endeavors so that we, together, can work towards a to maximize our profits.

hen I look out of my office, or on my occasional trip around the office, I see a bright future just waiting to unfold. All of you are the bond that ties together the culture of our company that we so proudly exclaim. This year, the profits might not have been huge or the bonuses that we all deserve might not reach sky high but that is only another reason for all of us to stand together and reevaluate our duties and our commitment to our work and make a promise to ourselves that tomorrow when we come in for work, we will not only be working harder but think of our work here as a contribution to the whole family we are all part of; The family of McDuff, Inc.

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