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Project Manger,
City Council,
Rondo, Nevada.



Subject: Gold Dome Project, delay in concrete pouring

Dear Sir:

 This is in reference to the gold dome being constructed in the city. The work is progressing well and we are almost halfway through to completion. I would like to bring to your knowledge the following occurrence.

 It has come to my notice that there have been certain delays in the concrete pouring, because, the sub- contractor’s pouring truck was not on time. Due to these unforeseen scheduling delays, we will be required to do some layering.

 I feel that it is my duty to inform you that in some cases layering can have some adverse effect on the structure of a building, that is to say that some cracks may appear which although not very harmful to the actual foundation itself but may appear weak, although this may not hold true for majority of the cases and to my observation, I believe it will not have any significant effect on the construction of the Dome. Also our tests have shown that the structure is sound and solid as any other standardized structure constructed in any other city would be.

 We have rectified our scheduling delays by installing a custom-made workflow tracking system that would prevent such delays in the future. If you have any more enquiries or, if you want to visit the site to see for yourself the results please do not hesitate to call me, I will be most happy to give you a detailed tour of the building.

Thanking you,
Project Supervisor.



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Senior Project Manager,
Sentry Dam



Subject: Possible hazards to Sentry Dam

Dear Sir,

Recently I felt some tremors while on the site of sentry dam. I recalled the report that we received did not state that this area was in the earthquake zone so as you know we have not taken any additional precautions regarding its construction.

I decided to look at the testing that was carried out before the start of the construction. What I was surprised to discover was, that the person who had carried out the tests, Mr. Jones has a brother who is in the real-estate business and who stands to profit a great deal by the construction of the dam.

As you are aware that if timely measures are not taken then any faulty construction and seepage can be very destructive and may even result in the loss of lives.

I suggest that we drill 20 soil borings at the site to sample soil and rock. Drill 15 test wells to find the depth to groundwater and check on water seepage in the dam area. Lab test the soil, shale, and other samples from borings to reevaluate the strength of material on which the dam would rest. Design an overflow spillway that would be anchored in strong bedrock, not weak shale. Monitor water seepage in the foundation and dam during construction. And we should hire another contractor to carry out the tests again to give us an unbiased report.

Sir, I believe that this should be done as soon as possible to avert any type of accidents that may occur later on due to our neglect.

Project Supervisor



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City Council,
Rondo, Nevada



Subject: Long outstanding payment, Gold Dome Project

Dear Sir,

The Gold Dome has been constructed and has been operating for the past three months. You will be pleased to learn that the work was completed ahead of time and the city saved a hundred thousand dollars due to elimination of overtime once our scheduling was in order.

We consider the city council to be our privileged clients and it has been a pleasure working with you, and we hope that this relationship is not limited to this job only.

 I would like to draw your attention towards some problems we have been experiencing, in clearing our outstanding checks with the City Council. Our initial bills were not paid in due time so we sent reminders which again were not answered.

 In the end, I had to call at your office twice and two different assistants said that they could not find the bill and that we should re-bill the city. I believe that the bills might have been misplaced and so I am attaching a copy of our bill herewith.

I hope that you look into this matter and instruct the people in charge to take care of it, as it has been more than three months since we first sent our bill.

 I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship between the city council and McDuff Inc. We at McDuff wish to serve the city of Rondo better every time.

Chief Accountant


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