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A 5 pages term paper on SHREK: A REVIEW

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In a far-off, fairy tale land, Shrek is a large and ill-tempered, but benevolent monster who simply wants to be left alone in his swamp-based home. Unfortunately, the actions of Lord Farquaad, a diminutive but large-headed prince, have all but squandered Shrek's solitude. For starters, he's banished the land's many fairy tale characters, such as the three blind mice and Snow White and the seven dwarves, into Shrek's swamp.

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To make matters worse, enters Shrek's new friend who is a hyperactive and wisecracking Donkey who not only speaks a lot, but also won't leave him alone. Irked by this turn of events, Shrek goes to see Farquaad to fix up the matters. The prince, however, agrees to the Shrek’s demands only if he'll travel to a far-off castle, rescue a princess imprisoned on the top floor that's protected by a fire-breathing dragon, and return her to be his bride.

Accompanied by the Donkey, Shrek reluctantly begins his journey to retrieve Fiona, a princess who turns out to be cursed with a spell that can only be broken by love's first kiss. As they make their way to the castle where they encounter the dragon and then head back to Farquaad's kingdom, Shrek, the Donkey and Fiona learn unexpected things about themselves, each other and the true nature of beauty.


The charm of Shrek is how it takes the familiar and then mercilessly pokes fun at it with terrific visual and verbal gags. The visuals and voice talents are top-notch. "Shrek" marks another milestone in the evolution towards more sophisticated and photo-realistic computer animation.

The animation of the characters is so fluid and detailed that it is easy to forget that they are all merely computer-generated constructs. Of course, what also bring these characters to life are the actors providing the voices. Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, and John Lithgow are all well-suited to their on-screen personas, with the standout being Murphy, who frequently steals the show with his non-stop commentary and one-liners. But aside from the non-stop laughs, "Shrek" also has a strong emotional undercurrent, as it develops the tender relationship between Shrek and Princess Fiona, a beauty and a beast. And though it would hardly be surprising, the film does have a happy ending, though not the kind that you would expect.

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“One of the special senses of a child is the ability to recognize beauty as something inherently shaped by the inner qualities of character. Something happens to us when we depart childhood, which damages this clarity of vision. It’s like we lose our visual depth – our concept of beauty becomes superficial, defined largely by what we can see, and only then within a limited framework. The celluloid heroes of adults in this increasingly visually dependent media age have, more often than not, demand that we count physical attractiveness as a non-negotiable trait. Kindness, generosity and goodness are optional extras.”

(Source: www.anglicanmediasydney.asn.au)

In other words “Shrek”is a film about transformation. At the start of the film Shrek is a fat, green monster with some disgusting habits. At the end of the film Shrek is a fat, green monster with some disgusting habits that has discovered a capacity for kindness and love. While getting fitter often fixates the adult world, looking younger and maintaining the body beautiful, it’s often the world of the child that focuses on the worth of becoming kinder, giving more of oneself and showing love. As it is already an award winning children’s book by William Steig that the movie is based upon.


To sum it all up this film goes for the laughs instead of the drama and succeeds. The humor here is so thick on the surface that it can be a lot funnier than any other movie. To sum it up, Shrek is so original that it will be like no other experience. a memorable and fun-filled romp in which everyone goes home happy.

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  1. My goodness, they have discovered something new in "Shrek." It's wondrous, it's fabulous, it's – by the standards of these times – all but unprecedented. Computer-generated imagery? Nah. Old hat. Who cares? I’m talking about . . . story.

    By Stephen Hunter, Washington Post Staff Writer.Friday, May 18, 2001

  2. Still, all the craft in the world would not have made "Shrek" work if the story hadn't been fun and the ogre so lovable. Shrek is not handsome but he isn't as ugly as he thinks; he's a guy we want as our friend, and he doesn't frighten us but stir our sympathy. He's so immensely likable that I suspect he may emerge as an enduring character, populating sequels and spin-offs. One movie cannot contain him.
    By Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times


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