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The movie is controversially based on the book “Echo of Lions “Barbara Chase-Riboud that gives the account of the slave ship La Amistad (Spanish for “friendship”) and the mutiny on board.

Movie Review

In a far-off, fairy tale land, Shrek is a large and ill-tempered, but benevolent monster who simply wants to be left alone in his swamp-based home. Unfortunately, the actions of Lord Farquaad, a diminutive but large-headed prince, have all but squandered Shrek's solitude. For starters, he's banished the land's many fairy tale characters, such as the three blind mice and Snow White and the seven dwarves, into Shrek's swamp.


The book ‘Television Addiction’ by Ms. Winn is about the effects of television on children and families. The usage of television commences innocently enough. Most often television is used as a child minder so that parents can obtain some peace and quiet. But dangers lurk in this innocent scenario and parents unaware or sometimes helpless surrender their children to this danger.

Television Addiction

Amadeus, a film by Milos Forman’s made in 1984, uses music as dramatic content. Forman gives the music of Mozart an active role in the content of the film. Mozart's music is heard throughout the movie, either resounding in his mind or performed on stage. The music is not only a part of the background but it most importantly affects the characters as much as the interpretations of the scene.


In the beginning, Laura, played by Julia Roberts, found her husband to be a charmingly handsome person. With his seductive attitude he made her feel that she had indeed found her dream guy. Everything about this man seemed perfect. He was good looking, rich, successful, romantic and quite attentive to her needs.


This haunting film is an adaptation of Alice Walker's Pulitzer prize-winning novel, directed by Steven Spielberg. With the running time of 154 minutes this movie covers a wide range of feelings and emotions with a cast including Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, Margaret Avery, Adolph Caesar, and Oprah Winfrey."The Color Purple" ranks as one of the saddest films in the entire history of cinema........

term paper on Beauty and the Beast in the Color Purple

The movie “Godfather” is a 1972 crime film based on the novel of the similar name by Mario Puzo and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, with script by Puzo and Coppola.........

Movie review The Godfather

We live in the American society, where freedom of media is guaranteed, where we are free to express our opinion but we should regret that the liberty granted does not care for the hue and cry raised by social organizations which go unheard, especially with respect to the violence shown on our television networks..........

Television Perpetuates Violence

Philip C. Johnson (1906-2005), American architect whose unconventional designs united influences as diverse as the neoclassicism of German architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel and the modernism of German American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. ..........

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