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A 5 pages term paper on The Crucible and Conformity

A Great “Drama or Film” is that where the audience can find some relevance, it should have some morals for multiple generations, it should also be based on reality rather than fictitious element. Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" successfully related to its audience and left us with messages that still echo today…its no history! 

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Miller’s timeless piece of work has been so successfully brought from papers to silver screen-great minds leave their ruins!

After, hearing the story of “The Crucible” I think it must be considered a great drama because of Miller's skillful play writing which created a script that not only addressed the idea of conformity in American culture, but also illustrated the unreal amount of power that select individuals to hold because they define the means by which we all live very originally. Since, first time in history such a concept was picked up of wrong and right actions, dealing with human conducts verses vice and virtues. Miller took on very strong themes and took a stand against issues that are still pertinent to date.

I would like to draw your attention on why there was this urgency felt by the writer to choose this topic? Its said that at the time when ‘The Crucible ‘was first being performed when it was observed that something was taking place that was very alike the Salem Witch Trials in which the witches were burned to death…heavy price they paid!

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In Hollywood, the house, un-American activities committee was investigating the film industry for communist activities. All the actors/actresses, writers and directors were interrogated as to whether or not they had involved themselves in any kind of relations with the communist party. If these people didn't readily conform to the HUAC's line of questioning, and answer their questions regardless of whether or not they were deemed intrusive or not?  It was assumed that they had been involved with the communist party and if yes, then there was this fear that these communists were trying to gain control of the American film industry for propaganda purposes. As a result, those individuals that were thought to be in any way associated with the communists were blacklisted in Hollywood and could no longer work their…hard rules work wonders!

During the Salem Witch Trials, where witches were burned/hanged for witchcrafts as condemned by the law and powerful personalities; at that time religion was, much more so than now, the answer to what people didn't understand so as a result the powerful personalities were considered to be "qualified" to interpret the rules of their religion. They were considered to be the voices of God…I wish they had meditated on this thought, as each individual is a part and parcel of God do you agree?

Nobody, could question the priests because they would then be questioning God because of this reason who ever raised voice against injustice or even to defend themselves for what they were accused were condemned of disobeying God which, I think is totally and completely taboo.

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The aftermath events which took place in Salem, could have not been real as none of them had actually been witches at all, if you have seen the movie then you know the difference between fact and fiction but still some modern versions have casted the story and got to the conclusion that when there is indifference in thoughts and when intolerance of difference occurs then such measures by the community is taken either by executing them or accusing them for something and get rid of them.

In Miller’s play when hysteria did not die out” as more people refused to save themselves by giving false confessions, as the epilogue of the movie states the opposite was true: more and more people gave false confessions to save themselves.  Now there’s this tiny scene in the movie when a goat trespassed into someone’s garden-the actual history is that three years before the witchcraft accusations took place, one day in nurse Rebecca’s garden one of the neighbor’s pig got into the fields and she run to flew off yelling at him. Soon thereafter, the neighbor had a severe stroke and died within a few months so this was seen as evidence in 1692 of Recebba Nurse’s witchcraft, all these above incidents seem quite natural to me and I think you would agree too? Guess if powers were not given to such mighty-minds wouldn’t it be different then?

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I’ll emphasize on this question as it has always drawn my attention-ready!
What ended these Witch trails? It was the intervention of Governor William Philps, who had been off at that time in Maine fighting in the Williams war, where the Maine were driving off the Indians and powerful law makers were burning innocent in name of just!

Conformity is an idea that has plagued mankind for ages. It is a strong theme and Miller's audience can easily draw parallels to it in their own lives. ‘The Crucible’ should be considered a great drama just because of it's all encompassing theme of conformity. The need of Conform in the Crucible is to the church and to the people who are behind the church and laws. It is quite evident as all the characters in the play find themselves in a very difficult situation as they can either turn their backs on what they believe or lie by admitting to having had "relations with the devil", thereby, conforming with the church's wishes, or they must follow their individualistic beliefs and refuse to lie. This kind of pressure has been a theme throughout American culture forever…do you agree?

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“There are always solutions…one must try approaching the problem from a different perspective”

Miller was able to use this theme of ‘The crucible and conformity’ to make his audience think about where they would draw the line and to make people understand that these kinds of situations were and could be still around us. It is one, which everyone will find personal relation to forever.

When there is intolerance in society…there is imbalance in social justice

When we forget our true self, when there is no self-realization there is this possibly of disobedience. We were blesses with many virtues including, the power of tolerance, discrimination, love, corporation, silence, adjustments, judgment and obedience to right cause-then there is for sure disobedience in every aspect of life-hope we all agree? It is must to have self-realization.

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Thoughts occupy most of the space in our mind sometimes, there are over flowing in that case there is no space to maintain silence for even a second in that conditions there is a possibility to disobey but, I think disobedience is correct if it is for the right cause!

For example when parents punish their children for disobedience its encouraged but why? simply because its parents who could mould their child’s conscience. Children would not experience guilt unless we first teach them the principles of right and wrong? Once a child has internalized these rules, then you can have trust in God given conscience that it will work and cause guilt to arise whenever a taught moral is violated in the process.

Conscience judges our actions whether wrong or right, which could better result when an individual can him/herself decide what is right and wrong and what to obey and disobey.

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I’ll probably end my report here with a beautiful thought “ Many people use anger as a weapon when we must keep humility as our armour-then there is protection” Now, folks its your turn to analyze the theme of The Crucible as to me its an amazing plot, there were traces where faulty decisions were taken which further discriminated situations.

Its well said that power makes one blind, but we did observe this fact here in The Crucible, those you have not seen this timeless piece must watch and churn all the outcomes, as each have their own knowledge to comprehend…would you care to churn?

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