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Bruce Lee as an Actor

      Bruce Lee, a renaissance and a talented celebrity, had varied aspects of his personality. Today we know him as an artist, poet, philosopher, writer and actor apart from being a formidable fighter. His insights into philosophy, physical fitness, self-defense, and movie making, have been enjoyed and lauded by millions of people around the world for well over two decades. He is the founder of Jeet Kune Do, the first martial art to ever be predicated on total freedom for the individual practitioner. His philosophy and illustrations continue to inspire athletes and artists from around the world. He influenced the society so quickly that its lasting effects will be felt for generations to come.

Effects Of Bruce Lee On Society

       The   personality of Bruce Lee although associated with the martial arts and frequently referred to as a superior athlete and the strongest fighter his personal character reveals a commitment to the cause of sport. His actions have lasting results in the up bringing of the young generations in confidence building besides being well conditioned in development of their character building.

       He dissected rigid classical disciplines and rebuilt them with fluid improvements. The restructuring of the fighting sport has a tremendous effect on our society as it promoted confidence for the people in their self-defense.

       Bruce taught the society the peaceful use of the gung fu as a sport. And his personality has demarcated the line between a socially unreformed and reformed individual who can well be respected in today’s social environments.

       He was not simply an actor with some action but a real learned man with three books on his account. This aspect of his personality exemplify the fact that sport personality is required to be analyst and critique oriented as well.

       He was a perfectionist. Bruce remains undefeated throughout his life and his ability today effects the youth of this era who are learning to be perfectionist. Bruce taught youth to be deeply associated with the cause for success.

    He took everything bad that affected his development and turned it to a marvelous feat, such as racism. Because he was Chinese, there was a lot of put-downs, and stuff that people said he couldn't do the best martial art. He proved it other way round and has left lessons for generations to learn.

       He was the first to teach all different races.  Bruce Lee is the greatest example of what a human being should be.

       As a philosopher, Bruce Lee's words and thoughts live on and collections of his writings maintained by the Bruce Lee Educational Foundation. Some of these writings are reflective of a sportsman innovative approach to transforming the game by absorbing the facets that are useful to the individual, and discarding the unnecessary, can be applied to many other disciplines.

      Lee's strength, aerobic capacity and personal character, a sober one and example of maturity have introduced spiritual development within the arts and sports. In real life he was a multifaceted person: a father, a teacher, a renegade, and a student, all at the same time. Lee contributed to the world in all of these roles.

         Bruce Lee held that it was man's mind - the creative faculty - that separates our species from all other life forms. Consequently, it was only when man applied his defining attribute to life issues that he would be envisioning and fulfilling his goals and realizing his ambitions. A successful society, then, is one in which man's creativity is allowed to flourish, thereby allowing new approaches to situations to manifest, new directions to be explored and new data to be integrated into our existing knowledge banks.

Bruce Lee Remembered As An Actor

      Bruce Lee is remembered as an actor due to his traits in the field of actions. He is known to be a perfectionist.  As an actor he had enormous capabilities, which he demonstrated, in his short span of film career which can be looked at by different angles.

        He is known besides being an ultimate martial art artist, as a dancer, and a philosopher too. His thought provoking writings are depictive of the fact that for any sports man the essential requirement includes reasoning and brain storming too.

      Bruce is known as a mentor and coach as well particularly in Chinese Gung-Fu. Though there had been others in this field too. What made him remembered is his ability and skills to work very hard, until he perfected what he was working on. This is how he is making his followers learn from him.

       Bruce's death also had a tremendous effect on the Martial Arts movie industry, which boomed, and hundreds of look-alike Bruce's began to try out to make Martial Arts movies. They even used similar names, like Bruce Le, and Bruce Li. But none of them could catch the eyes of world as Bruce had.

       Bruce Lee almost single-handedly spawned the martial arts movies in western cinema. Prior to the great film “Enter the Dragon”, martial arts movies were mostly imported, subtitled movies shown in the Chinatowns of large cities. Enter the Dragon was the first martial arts movie backed by a large Hollywood studio, and today the standard for all martial arts films--all because of the star power of Bruce Lee.

      Bruce taught the youth and todays martial athletes could demonstrate their abilities in an empirical manner. For example, the IMPAX instrument records the total of punches and kicks delivered in a certain period of time and the total force of a strike or Kick.

       Bruce Lee is unarguably considered to be the most noteworthy martial artist due to his magnetism on film. Regardless of any opinion about his actual martial art talent, or lack of empirical demonstration regarding his ability, he left unmatchable expressions of himself on the screen in a manner that one learns through the style of combining upper body strength and light body weight with uncanny speed.

      Movies of Bruce Lee show the effects of the martial arts as a tool of corrective measures for a society, which is believed to be full of problems both social and ethical.


       In one sense, Lee is forever a tremendous asset to the martial art community as his image and myth draws people to the arts. This fledgling martial artist may then be retained for more noble and enduring reasons than a desire to emulate someone whose example is questionable upon closer examination. Bruce Lee was a superstar by any measure. But his most extensive and everlasting contribution to the world has been in the martial arts. By improving and evolving classical martial arts to emphasize freedom of expression for the individual, Bruce Lee advanced the martial arts to a new level. Adaptability and efficiency were now the rule, rather than conformity and tradition.

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