Roles of Television in My Life

Our modern society is a conflicting society. This can be observed in people’s minds about the role of the television in their life. Everybody blames the television for violence and sex, but almost every family in the United States has at least one television set. We must be more differentiated in talking about the influence of television in our life, especially concerning the growth of our children.

The question is not: whether television is good or bad, but: which program is good or bad. There are various good programs on television, and we have to learn how to choose them. We should teach children about it. They should know where to find good programs, why they are good, and how to appreciate a good program.

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Television plays a significant role in my life. When I was about nine years old, I used to watch television for just 15 minutes a day. The program which I watched was English news because I wanted to improve my English. When I was eleven years old, I started to watch a few sports channels because I was a baseball fan. My every day viewing time increased from 15 minutes to two hours a day.Now I spend at least two hours a day watching the television, but it also depends on how much free time I have, sometimes on holidays weekends or special occasions I watch television for three to five hours.

I watch television because it gives me so much information: such as the news in the nation and world, movies, music etc. Usually I watch television for the latest world and local news. Through the small screen of television, I am able to know what is happening all over the world.

Two important things that I have learned a lot by watching television: having conversation and getting knowledge. Watching TV makes me have better conversation among my family members and friends. From television, I have learned about different kinds of things. I am a baseball fan and I have learned some good techniques from the professional players by watching them on television. By this way, I have improved my baseball skills.

Television is an important thing for in my life. Television makes me happy, but sometimes it also makes me sad. It has affected my life in several ways: I like to watch television because it makes me relax and takes away all stress that I had all day. I have gained good amount of knowledge from television. I like watching news programs, knowing something with the image gives me great impacts and remains in my brain for a long time.

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There are also negative effects of television on my family and personal life. While watching television we forget how to occupy our spare time. I and my family members used to have hobbies, we used to meet our friends, especially on weekends, and we used to go outside for our amusements.

We used to read books and to listen to the music. Now we are so lazy; we choose to spend a fine day glued to our sets. Sometimes I do the homework in front of the television set and sometimes I also rush to complete my homework so I can watch television. In either case the quality of my work is affected. Sometime I am so attracted by television; I do not do my homework at all.

And sometimes my family members do not concentrate while watching television - so their time is largely wasted. My all family members watch television on Sunday afternoon, when other out-doors activities would do so much good. Sometimes television also leads my family members to the poor health through lack of sleep and lack of exercises. We often begin to forget the art of conversation. We just sit glued to the television screen instead of visiting friends and relatives.Sometimes i also felt uncomportable without watching television even if iam not sure weather i really want to watch it or not .I used to watch television for five to six a day , my studies were badly affected , but now i usually watch television for two to three hours a day .

I can watch and listen to a great amount of information easily from news programs or some other programs instead of reading magazines and newspapers. This seems like very helpful and useful, but I am also reducing opportunities of reading some articles and newspapers, so my spelling and reading skills are getting worse.

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The most seriously effect is that television has harmed the relationship of my family. In my family everyone likes to watch different kinds of programs. For example, my sister likes to watch opera, I like to watch sports or news, my mother likes to watch cooking and my father likes to watch news programs. So sometimes we also argue with each other, and I do not talk with them anymore. Even I always forget it after a short time, but I miss a lot of time to talk with my family members. When I watch television, I do not want to talk with anyone. Watching television has reduced the time to talk with each other and somehow destroyed the relationship of my family.

Television itself is not a bad thing. The way we use it however, can be very damaging. There are many good educational and even entertaining shows that wee can enjoy which are not obsessed with sex, violence and people doing evil things to each other. We do in fact learn many new things by watching these shows. But we need to be careful about the place we give television in our daily life. Even if we are only watching educational programs, we can end up in spending many hours of our previous time each day sitting in front of the television instead of spending time with our family and friends or doing work.