My Movie Idea

If I am given a chance to direct a movie, it will be based on “Religion and Terrorism”. Main aim of the movie is to educate all people that any terrorist action, no matter who does it and for what purpose, is the greatest threat to democracy, peace and humanity. Terrorism has no place in one’s quest to achieve freedom or salvation. It costs the lives of many innocent people. The title of movie will be "The Truth".

Main reason for making movie on this sensitive issue is that people have wrong concepts and thinking about religion and terrorism. Most people think that terrorism is a part of some religions. After watching movie they will realize that they were wrong and they will realize that religion and terrorism are not interlinked.

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Through this movie people will be assured that, although there might always be some who use religion just for their interests, but no religion supports terrorism in any form. Terrorism cannot be used to achieve any goal of religion. Religion respects all rights of individual person and.

Most important point of this movie is that any violent actions of a small group or an individual do not necessarily represent the values of any religion, nor is that religion responsible for such brutal actions. Second important message is that religion is about mercy, peace, and forgiveness and the majority of people have nothing to do with the brutal events. If any person is committing any act of terrorism or violence, this person would be guilty of breaching the laws of religion. Third important message is that these terrorists are trained by professional criminals, and their aim is to use religion name for their personal benefits.

People will learn that, in reality, religion not only condemns terrorist actions and suicide bombing missions, but also prohibits them completely. Religion commands love, peace and mercy. Terror, on the other hand, is the opposite of religion; it is unkind, merciless and demands killing and misery. Religion provides freedom of ideas, thought and life. All religions have issued commands to avoid and prohibit tension, disputes, violence and even negative thinking among people.

This movie will deliver the message that religion never supports criminal activities like High jacking planes, bombing building, kidnapping and killing innocent people. After watching this movie people will realize that religion and terrorism are incompatible, if a Muslim is fighting with a Hindu and Christian or a Hindu is fighting with a Sikh and Muslim, they are fighting for their own reasons and benefits, they will also realize that religion is not the only reason for fighting or violence, there might be some personal and family or land disputes. Most criminals use religion name just for their own safety and protection