Term Paper on Learning from Students

I believe that each day we are all both learners and teachers. If I am given a chance to teach a group of UNC students, I will need to give out a lot of energy; this job also requires being very creative and interesting. Thus, as a teacher I will get stronger, more experienced and intelligent all the time. In any case, if students return this energy back to me with their new respective attitude and knowledge, I would feel a great satisfaction from their job.

Teaching a group of UNC students will help me to learn how to teach better from my students. So, I can learn to be devoted, to have a strong will. This job will help me to realize that some students are ahead of teachers in various technological information and technical abilities. So, I it will be a good opportunity for me learn something new about computers and new technologies and media from my students.

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I will be able to gain confidence and experience through teaching and professional development, but mostly I will learn how to improve my teaching method.

I will continue to look for and develop new methods to reach my students and to provide insight into the magnificence and utility of education. I believe that if I am not learning, I am not teaching well. I will conclude this essay with Tania Pereira’s quote:

"The teacher is not the source of all knowledge; teachers can learn from students."