A Jury of Her Peers

The main character of this story is Martha Hale. She is a typical country housewife that has lived her all life in a small town in Dickson County. She grew up with a suspected murderer and had been to her house many times, but she could not find any evidence to convict her friend of murder. This young girl is now felling a new sense of faithfulness to her friend, as she still remembers the way she was twenty years. This new faithfulness shows her deep ties to her sex and the community. This faithfulness to women follows her through the entire story and shows her ability to look back in the past and tell what is actually happening in the lives of other people.

The men in this story obviously think that women are always inferior, and it allowed Mrs. Martha Hale to avoid any dishonor for men, and she only opposed their unfamiliarity for the feelings of women and true nature. This active character goes from painful conditions in which she just wants to go home for a desire to help her friend, who needs help so much that she commits obstruction of justice.

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Martha Hale started from different facts and reached different legal and moral conclusions than the men. This story is about different perceptions, experiences, values, and methods of analysis issues that we all should learn to deal with our diverse societies.