Term Paper on Developing Independence

The most important things in being independent and mature are: to respect everyone and confidence in self. My personal development of independence has been greatly enriched through respect and confidence.

Respect is a key to successful life. Respect is when we are kind to people then they are kind to us. Respect is listening to the teachers, respect is obeying our parents. I have learned to respect everyone around me. I have learned to respect human life at all ages and in all forms even if I do not like someone. Respecting my teacher has made me realize the importance of my own parents in my life.

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I realize and appreciate what they do for me and how they are always there for me with every step I take. I have learned to control my emotions when I am are angry. When someone fouls me, I want to get up and hit them; but I have learned to control my impulsiveness and analyze every situation calmly and rationally before reacting towards it.

It is very important that one should make goals in order to achieve them. Without proper focus, one can easily fall off the track and become lost. I am always confident that I will achieve my goals in any situation. I have a confidence to prove myself in front of others. I am confident to face all problems and take challenges in my life. Now I am confident to handle any situation efficiently, and can work and live independently.

Apart from respect and confidence, I also have desire for adventure, I love to go outside and I am never afraid to take any risk, because I am always confident that I will achieve my goals.