College Admission Essay

It is very important that one should make goals in order to achieve them. Without proper focus, one can easily fall off the track and become lost and I believe, new technology skills, advanced studies and critical thinking are very important for advancement and success in today's rapidly growing workforce.

I will strive to be a remarkable asset to your college all of my time. I prefer to look at problems from different views, I am never shy about asking questions in class or expressing my views and discussing on any topic, I prefer a logical approach to education and prefer to listen instead of talking in class, I always think first before doing any work. I can easily adjust myself to work on assignments in groups of students and I am also never reluctant to work on individual assignments.

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I am always ready and confident to listen to others. I never get angry or loose my temper while listening to others. I believe that I will always learn new things by listening to others and supporting them, even if I don’t have any interest in the topic or even if it’s not related to my field.

I am always interested in new things, asking questions about new things and I am interested in sports such as baseball, football and soccer. I am also little bit interested in computers, love to watch TV and play video games in the evenings. I am sure that I will feel very comfortable at your college and I will enjoy studies and other activities at your college.

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