Term Paper on Ban on Hand Guns

Bans on hand guns have been an important issue for many years. Many people have different opinions about whether hand guns should be banned or not. Some believe we should ban hand guns altogether and some believe we should not ban the people’s right to own hand guns at all. I personally believe hand guns should be banned. However, those against hand guns control have also very strong arguments.

Private ownership of hand guns should not be allowed. Hand guns are very dangerous firearms, they are easily carried and concealed. Hand guns are capable of continuously firing a large number of rounds without reloading and are therefore unsafe in private hands.

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Hand gun owners engaging in their own defense are taking the law into their own hands. This is wrong and unsafe. Only the police have the right to take the law into their own hands. It must be kept out of the hands of citizens. Use of hand guns reduces people's confidence on the police and the government.

In United States, homicide is the second leading cause of death of youth. A child between ten and nineteen years old commits suicide with a hand gun every five hours. I strongly agree that all guns can cause a certain degree of damage; therefore, people should not be allowed to bring hand guns home or own hand guns. Most of the time hand guns are not able to protect, but they may increase the unintentional accidents instead. All Kids play with toy guns, they know that hand guns are not safe. If we have a real hand gun in our house, we can tell them that it is dangerous and do not touch it ever, but if they get a chance they will hold it. They will just point at something and they will pull the trigger. And once the trigger is pulled, you can’t go back.

Most small gun crimes are committed by local city gangs and drug dealers. These comparatively small and geographically limited groups constantly commit the majority of gun crimes, and usually end up in big crimes. The best way to prevent this is to ban hand guns for all people everywhere.

Other advantages of banning hand guns for private use are there will be less killings and crimes. There is no doubt about it that hand guns kill and with just one pull of a trigger someone might be dead. Hand guns are also the most used weapon in crimes such as armed rapes and robberies.

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Assault weapons and all types of semi automatic and automatic hand guns should be banned. Only police should be allowed to carry weapons. Weapons technology is very lethal and advanced these days, so hand guns simply should not be allowed.