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Writing Technology Term Papers

Tuesday, Jun. 29th 2010

When someone mentions the word ‘technology’ you instantly think of computers, such as the one you’re using to read this. Indeed, the computer is technology’s flagship creation. However, it extends farther than that. When writing technology term paper, you must be clear of what it means. Technology is the use of matter, tools, activities, knowledge, processes and the surrounding to develop a system that helps meet the needs and requirements of humans. The tips below will assist you in writing technology term paper.

Tip 1

Give a brief term paper introduction on the advent of technology. Set the readers perception on what technology really is; it’s not just about computers and Blackberrys. When writing technology term papers, the introduction should prepare the reader for what you are going to write about in this paper. This leads us to our next tip.

Tip 2

When writing technology term papers you must select a niche, a sub division that focuses on a specific branch of technology. It can very well be the history of technology or how it’s evolved. Or you can use an argumentative approach that discusses whether technology is a blessing or a menace. Further, you may choose to write on some of technologies greatest accomplishments and how they have influenced mankind – such as space travel, communication and medicine. The use of examples and statistics is a great way to re-enforce your paper on technology.

Tip 3

Give the reader some examples of the technology around him/her. Some of the most common and taken-for-granted applications of technology include the microwave and the television. Don’t stop just there; inform the reader how technology has evolved these very products, from black and white television, to color television, to high definition and now 3D television.

Tip 4

All that glitters is not gold, is the old saying. While writing technology term paper it’s necessary to produce a balanced paper where you also highlight the potential risks, dangers and downsides of the advent and implementation of technology. Some include the rise of weaponry, invasion of privacy, corporate warfare and how it makes manual labor obsolete.

Tip 5

Whatever your stance, you need to constantly remind the reader. Try and maintain a convincing and persuasive tone in all your paragraphs and especially the conclusion. If possible end the concluding paragraph with a punch line that re-enforces your point of view and summarizes the purpose writing technology term paper.

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