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Writing Paper on APA Guidelines

Friday, Jan. 14th 2011

The American Psychological Association (APA) has been establishing publishing guidelines since 1928 in order to set a bench mark of how professional journals share information. These guidelines are being used by numerous colleges and universities world wide.There are several reasons for learning APA guidelines; it provides a professional standard for your occupation, if you want to publish your work so you need to know guidelines and in order to continue your graduate study, one needs to follow a professional pattern for formatting his work. APA guidelines are most commonly used to cite sources with in social sciences.

Start your writing paper on APA guidelines by providing a summary of the association and its publishing guidelines. You need to give a brief history and along with it include introduction of all publishing formats recognized by universities and colleges world wide. These may include Harvard referencing, MLA style, Chicago or Turabian style and the AJP style. Mention clearly, the types of publishing styles applicable to a specific topic. Also, point out the researchers and PhDs’ who have created these publishing formats and what importance does these hold. Provide an analysis based on their findings.

Second step of your writing paper on APA guidelines is to list your research objectives. These will help you define your goals and aims in a clearer manner. Your objectives should speak out for themselves as they should highlight the benefit to readers of your research paper. Explain the APA guideline by dividing them in to break ups that are: font size, margins in different MS Word formats, spacing, headings and reference page/bibliography.

Third step will complement the citation aspect in writing term paper. The section of citation shall also be divided in parts to provide a better understanding to the readers. First should be citation in text, citation for multiple authors, citation for personal interviews/communication and citation for works with no authors. Further more, citation of secondary sources also needs to be done while preparing literature reviews.

APA guidelines lay adequate emphasis on the presentation of research methodology. It describes the research framework and design. This shall include the type of data in use, type of research with justification (either exploratory or descriptive), sampling methods or techniques and tools for data collection. Mention the guidelines for developing a research tool like; questionnaire, structured interview or focus group.

While concluding your writing paper on APA guidelines, you should mention the way in which generally topics are concluded. Raise questions for the reader to assess the importance of APA style for recognition of their work and credibility in the job market. Include sufficient references in your appendix for the sources of information used as per the APA guidelines.

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