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Writing an Explanatory Paper

Wednesday, Mar. 30th 2011

An explanatory paper is written to explain some form of natural or human process and action by describing it to the reader. Explanatory papers tend to be predominantly about science subjects like biology and physics, and the paper explains a certain process.

The best way to start writing an explanatory college paper is to describe it. That would help in the next process about how the process works. The initial challenge in writing an explanatory paper is developing a thesis, and then deciding which information will best support your thesis. In your paper knowledge should be used by participation or observation or the best thing: a combination of both.

Writing an explanatory paper is the best way to explain a certain perspective, or to impart information from a different point of view from that of the writer. It is meant to explain in easy terms something that is complex and difficult.

The best way to writing an explanatory paper, is not to deviate from your objective, which is providing information to the reader which can be easily understood by him/her. Do not try to impose your own views, and do not include biased research material. Explain the subject by analyzing it, rather than criticizing it or presenting unsupported arguments.

You can choose any topic for writing an explanatory paper, but chose a topic of which you have adequate knowledge of, as this will help in better research. However all papers have the same writing structure, whether you need to explain a procedure, or explain some point.

Writing an outline helps you to analyze the sources of information for writing an explanatory paper. The  outline helps you in: writing the first paragraph to explain something about your subject, systematically separate material for other paragraphs, organize your paragraphs in the proper sequence, use the correct words that emphasizes your message and strengthening your concluding paper  in a  strong and meaningful way,

Some helpful guidelines for writing an explanatory college paper are: thoroughly research your topic and how you can use available information, make sure that you understand what you are required to write, understand the style whether it should be written in APA, MLA, Harvard or Turabian so that you can cite it properly, and last but not least proofreading the paper very thoroughly so that you are sure that your grammar and spelling are absolutely correct.

Last, but not least write your paper somewhere quiet. Preferably where you can focus your concentration, onto the paper, this will help you to finish and submit the paper in the allocated time.  If you are having difficulties in understanding anything about the paper, the best thing to do is talk to your instructor. This will save you time.


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