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Writing an Effective Outline For a Research Paper

Thursday, Nov. 18th 2010

On one point or another, every student is haunted by the idea of writing a research paper, one smart way to go ahead with it is to come up with a strong outline. If you are planning towards writing an effective outline for a research paper, then look no further.

Every successful research paper begins with hard core research but all that information can prove to be futile, unless placed and used properly, that’s when an effective outline comes to your help. Writing an effective outline for a research paper can help you in more than one way; it is considered to be a road map that will lead your research paper to an ‘A’ grade destination.

Writing an effective outline for a research paper will allow you to simplify your text, giving you a well constructed framework that can help you exclude the unnecessary points and set boundaries for your discussion.

Another significant advantage of an effective outline for a research paper is that it allows you to build certain links between different areas and yet make sure you do not repeat yourself. The length of an outline for a research paper is varied depending on the size of your research paper. While it is not necessary for you to submit an outline with your research paper, some subjects especially the ones instructed in MLA format, do require you to submit an outline right at the beginning of your research paper.

Writing an effective outline for a research paper can also give you the right amount of authenticity in front of your instructor, giving them the assurance that you are headed in the right direction. To begin writing an effective outline for a research paper you will have to first complete your preliminary research.

Once done with the research, you will now come up with your thesis statement, which will be placed right at the top of a new fresh page. With this you will have to come up with all the possible, supportive arguments that will define, explain and support your thesis statement.

You will now place all the supporting points, below the thesis statement, in a logical order, whereby they each explain and support the preceding and succeeding one.  When writing an effective outline for a research paper you will also have to take care of subcategories and subtopics, all of your supporting points must fall under separate categories, thereby elaborating each aspect of your thesis statement or the topic in general.

It is not necessary to include your introduction or conclusion in an outline but inserting a few points would not prove fatal. Another thing that you can take advantage of is perhaps using Microsoft Word, that will permit you to use various levels of your outline (I, A, 1, a, i) correspond to the headings in the Word Processing program – Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, giving you an effective outline, leading to a systematic research paper.

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