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Writing a Term Paper Against Illegal Immigration

Wednesday, Sep. 22nd 2010

Before you begin, you must distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. Immigration is the addition of new people into a population by adhering to foreign laws and policies. On the other hand, illegal immigration refers to the act of foreign citizens overstepping the immigration and national policies and entering a nation.

Keep in mind that writing a term paper against illegal immigration takes the form of an argumentative topic. It is not a descriptive or a fact based topic. Instead it tests the student’s ability to convince the audience of his or her point of view. The objective is to persuade the reader to agree with your stance.

Writing a term paper against illegal immigration requires students to display their skill in assembling facts, interpreting them and devising a compelling argument. In-fact, argumentative writing is one of the hardest forms of writing. This article will help you in writing a term paper against illegal immigration.

You must start by clearly defining illegal immigration for the readers to understand. There is a lot of ambiguity and confusion regarding various terms such as legal immigration, migration, and emigrant, and so on; attempt to clear misconceptions.

Remember that while writing a term paper against illegal immigration you must present both sides of the argument; that is you should mention the advantages and disadvantages of illegal immigration. This is preferred as it reflects well on your ability to produce a balanced, unbiased term paper. This is a key factor; do not present just one side of the argument. Show the readers and critics that you have done your research and weighed both sides of the argument.

Include these points and more as the basis of a balanced argument while writing a term paper against illegal immigration:

Points that support the topic:

1.      Leads to over population

2.      Causes rapid depletion of resources

3.      Promotes slavery, death, prostitution

Points that challenge the topic:

1.      Gives people a chance to overcome poverty

2.      Family reunification

3.      Gives people another chance at life

Now since your topic focuses on writing a term paper against illegal immigration, it is time you start including factors and research that support it. You should include findings, statistics, cases and extracts that showcase the downside and shortcomings attached to illegal immigration. This portion will serve as the bulk of your argument and you should build upon it.

In the concluding paragraph, reiterate your findings to stress upon the factors which are against illegal immigration. Proof read your work before submission.

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