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Writing a Response Paper

Friday, Apr. 8th 2011

A response paper is a form of writing which is written to convey our opinion about a topic to the readers. When writing a response paper, we discuss our personal view and outlook of a topic. A response paper is usually written to express opinions on any current issue, any video or any other special event.

During high school education, instructors may ask students to write a response paper on their trip to any museum, amusement park or any other place. In such response papers, students write their experience of that place. A response paper follows the same format as other papers.

This article will help you in writing a response paper.

Selecting an appropriate topic is necessary for writing a response paper. Before writing a response paper, you should understand a topic completely. In order to develop a better understanding of any topic, you should do critical reading. If you are writing a response paper in order to present your opinions regarding a book then you should first read that book carefully. You may also write a response paper in order to respond towards any news.

A response paper will start with an introduction. The introduction will discuss the background of a topic. You are also required to present a thesis statement in the introduction section. The introduction will also include the name of author who has written that book or article. After writing the introduction, you will write the body of your paper.

The body of a response paper should include enough information to support your opinions and views. The body will compose of different paragraphs which will present your unique opinions over a topic. When writing a response paper, try to include information in a flow. Don’t forget to discuss important ideas which have been conveyed in book or news which you have chosen.

After writing the body, you will conclude your paper. In the conclusion, you will reaffirm your thesis statement and will summarize your arguments. After writing the conclusion, you will proof read your response paper. Make sure during proof reading that you have included the information in a logical order.  Including information in a logical order means arranging your paper in such a way that the most relevant information comes at the top and the less important comes later.

Read your paper several times in order to identify different mistakes. Don’t forget to format your paper. In order to format a response paper, any particular style should be selected. There are different styles used for formatting a paper. These are APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard.

Therefore this article will help you writing a response paper. Before writing a response paper, you should read all of the guidelines mentioned in this article. Once you are finished with writing your response paper, you can review your paper to ensure that you have included all of these instructions.

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