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Writing a Research Raper on Big Cats

Sunday, Feb. 20th 2011

Before writing a research paper on big cats, you will first need to understand what the term ‘big cats’ means and what the term of classification comprises of. The term ‘big cats’ is primarily used to differentiate larger species of cats, for example lions, with smaller ones like domestic cats. By knowing what animals fall in the category of larger or big cats, you can further pursue the research by understanding each species, how they live, their distribution, history, their plight etc.

When writing a college research paper on big cats, make sure you start off by carrying out a thorough research on the chosen topic. Collect the main ideas you want to discuss in your paper and form a thesis statement and introduction along with a rough draft. This will allow you to gather all your main points you will be discussing in your paper.

Use your outline and rough draft to form a final draft of the paper by elaborating all your main points in the body paragraphs, discussing each main point in a separate paragraph. The conclusion will come right in the end which will basically be a summary of all your points discussed in the paper, which you will further analyze and evaluate.

Species that fall under the ‘big cat’ group mainly are jaguar, leopard, lion, tiger and cheetah. You can continue researching each of these species and include descriptions of each. While researching, make an outline based on topics such as: animal’s name, family dynamics, appearance or anatomy, diet, habitat, behaviour, life cycle, classification, enemies, predators, adaptations, species survival status, defense/offense etc. You can then further elaborate on each topic of discussion through your research.

A research paper is all about balance, so you will realize while writing a research paper on big cats that despite the individual differences in these species, there will be quite a few similarities. For example, they are all superb predators and generally have the same predatory behaviour and hunting skills. You can make the research paper more engaging by adding some interesting facts about each species.

Another idea for writing a research paper on big cats is to address a concern you have relating to this animal group. One of the major concerns in the recent times is tied in with big cats being endangered. You can research on this matter and provide facts about what has lead to the endangerment and how it can be prevented. This particular concern will help you format your thesis statement which you can restate in the conclusion and evaluate your points of discussion while also considering their consequences and general implications.

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