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Writing a Research Paper Worksheet

Friday, Dec. 10th 2010

A research paper is composed of a main page, abstract, introduction, body of research, bibliography and conclusion. These are the main components of any research, which are combined to make a new master piece. Writing a research paper worksheet will lay down some points which will help students organize their research properly. For this you should know the basic and essential steps required to conduct a research. A worksheet will be followed by a student to approve or disapprove his hypothesis. It is to prepare the research paper activities in an orderly manner.

You have to explain how to select a topic first, which readers find understandable. You will have to explain why you have chosen this topic and how you will justify it. You will get the information by formulating questions which you will add in your research. Then you will write a short summary telling about the research paper. Your abstract has to be brief but should contain valid information about the topic and format of the research paper.

You will then write an interesting introduction which would define the dimensions of your research. The whole information will be added later in order to explain the reader the topic chosen. Then you will write down the heading which will support your research and chapters called as body of research. In the body of research you will add all the information to support the statement. You have to incorporate the in-text references and endnotes or footnotes in the body of research to make it authentic.

Furthermore, for writing a college research paper worksheet, you will analyze the whole research which is based on your observation, interpretation, and findings. Taking them into account you will draw your conclusion.  Your conclusion should be topic oriented and define the result which you have gathered from writing all the information. It will make the reader understand what point of view you have followed and what approach was behind choosing the particular topic.

Finally you will tell how to write a bibliography which is the last step of the research. You have to describe the pattern of it, as it is completely technical for the student. They have to note down the name of author and all the information about the book as well as page number. It is done to ensure the instructor that the material is taken from a reliable source. You will have to include all the above points while writing a research paper worksheet. You have to write according to your topic and information which you want to pen down in your research. Research worksheets therefore, help the students to conduct their research in a systematic manner.

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