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Writing a Research Paper on Literature

Tuesday, Nov. 30th 2010

Literature research paper are designed to examine a student’s understanding of an author’s literary work such as poetry, short stories, novels and other such works.

Often students when graduating from high school to college experience the rise in the level of quality in literature research papers. This article aims to provide help to students that are writing a research paper on literature.

First off you need to figure out what type of literature will you be writing your research paper on. Whatever it may be, for e.g. poetry or a story, you need to understand the intricacies involved in providing your analysis and findings for a particular literary work. Poetry for example needs to explained in complete sentences. Similarly, for a story stating only the summary will prevent you from getting a distinguished grade.

You need to begin with a clear thesis statement revealing what your research paper is going to be about. This should be short and catchy sentence that really captivated the reader’s attention and compel them to read further. You may use the rest of the paragraph to briefly explain how you are going to go about proving your thesis statement. You may write your thesis statement in the middle of the paragraph, but the best idea is to write it as the opening sentence of your introduction.

Take special care on the minutiae of the spacing, the lettering, the font size, quotation marks and others. You need to be particular about how to make grammatically correct sentences along with the necessary punctuation marks, such as questions marks, exclamation marks, semicolons, and colons etc.

It is obviously important to give your analysis on the subject of study, but you increase the value of your research paper when you quote others work on the same subject. This may be done to show comparison or contrast and critique your work in relation to theirs. Always remember to quote completely and within context so that we get their full perspective on that specific aspect of the literature.

Apart from quoting secondary works, you need to continually give reference to context in order to back your arguments and analysis. You should also pay attention to the specifics that you need to fulfill when citing from the literature. You need to know details such as how do you quote a large extract from the text? How do you cite a quote within a quote? Does a large extract needs to be quoted separately or within the normal flow of your analysis?

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