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Writing a Research Paper for Middle School Students

Thursday, Mar. 31st 2011

For writing a research paper for middle school students, teach students how to find authentic reliable sources. Most students assume that because it is on the Internet, it must be true. Students prefer to use the Internet because it is quick and easy to use.

Students must be taught to double check all the information before writing it in their own words. A little research is always good, instead of gleaning information from the first available site that they browse. Students must look at who is sponsoring and website that they are researching on, and who the writer of the content is.

Before beginning the paper, it is better to develop a basic outline of the research paper. The outline should be revised until it is accurate and well organized. After revising and completing the outline, you can start writing the paper coherently.

Also for writing a research paper for middle school students, some teachers insist that students use only certain websites, because according to them the information on those websites is reliable and current.  Although that might be a good idea, still students must take the imitative to research for themselves and authenticate information before writing it.  Information obtained from reputable journals, magazines and encyclopedias is generally genuine information.

Next dispel what students think that if the information is genuine it can be copied. Students believe that as long as they acknowledge their sources, it is alright to copy directly from the website and paste the information. Tell them that this is plagiarism, and they will probably receive zero marks for their efforts.

Next in writing a research paper for middle school students, dispel any misconceptions that they might have that paraphrasing is just changing a few words, or exchanging easy words for difficult words in the original text. To help students with paraphrasing, provide some material to them and give them tips on how to write that text in their own words.

Remind students that they are middle school students and not college professors. When they submit a paper it should look like a middle school student wrote it. That means avoiding professional help, or having the paper written by someone more qualified.

Upon completion of writing a research paper for middle school students, ask them to proof read for grammar, for mis-spelled words, and other inconsistencies. Finally, create a title page, which is the first page and should contain your name, the date, and your teacher’s name.  Then write your bibliography, which is the last page of your paper. It should be written carefully according to the style used for the paper, (like MLA or APA).

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